This is a small room, formerly the "guest" room on the first level. Speakers, equipment and cables stay out of the public living spaces.  My Contours would benefit from a larger open space, like our den.  Update: Equipment moved to side wall; no longer in-between speakers.

One advantage is that this room is towards the very front of the house and is far away from other bedrooms. I can crank Led Zeppelin at 1am and not impact upstairs master bedroom. 

(note: wife reference removed; its about the room, not the wife; peace)

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh MA352
    Integrated Amp
    • McIntosh MCD85
    SACD / CD
    • Pro-Ject The Classic
    With Hana SH (2.0 mV) MC Cartridge
    • Marantz NA6005
    Network Receiver
    • Dynaudio Contour 20
    Piano black on Dynaudio stands
    • Martin Logan Dynamo 400
    Dual subwoofers; crossover at 80htz
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Solo Crystal Oval interconnect
    Balanced interconnects from MCD85 to MA352
    • DH Labs T-14
    Speaker cables
    • Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner
    • Silnote Audio Poseidon GL Reference
    Power cables
    • AudioQuest Black Lab Subwoofer Cables
    • Pangea Audio Phono cable

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I just don’t get the whole wife tells me what to do thing