This is a small room, formerly the "guest" room on the first level. Speakers, equipment and cables stay out of the public living spaces.  My Contours would benefit from a larger open space, like our den.  Update: Equipment moved to side wall; no longer in-between speakers.

One advantage is that this room is towards the very front of the house and is far away from other bedrooms. I can crank Led Zeppelin at 1am and not impact upstairs master bedroom. 

(note: wife reference removed; its about the room, not the wife; peace)

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh MA352
    Integrated Amp
    • McIntosh MCD85
    SACD / CD
    • Pro-Ject The Classic
    With Hana SH (2.0 mV) MC Cartridge
    • Marantz NA6005
    Network Receiver
    • Dynaudio Contour 20
    Piano black on Dynaudio stands
    • Martin Logan Dynamo 400
    Dual subwoofers; crossover at 80htz
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Solo Crystal Oval interconnect
    Balanced interconnects from MCD85 to MA352
    • DH Labs T-14
    Speaker cables
    • Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner
    • Silnote Audio Poseidon GL Reference
    Power cables
    • AudioQuest Black Lab Subwoofer Cables
    • Pangea Audio Phono cable

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Nice room! Agree with trying something other than foam. Probably killing dynamics.


I tried foam diffusers once and they seemed to tame things. Over a few weeks, I noticed some albums weren't quite up there anymore. Then someone suggested foam sounds bad. So I tried removing them, and lo and behold, the music came back to life.


The love seat/recliner is off-set to position the right seat in the sweet spot.  So both speakers are measured and pointed to this seating position (semi-reclined).  I the rare times I have a guest; I let them enjoy the sweet spot and sit on the left.

Also trying something with the subs; they are downward firing, so I tipped them over (facedown, controls up) so they fire at the backwall (opposite from my seating position).  This was a suggesting from Jim Smith.  Just trying it out to see how it plays.


That Maxell poster tho.....gotta get mine reframed and put back up. Thanks for the reminder!!


You’ve made the most of your smallish room. It’s very inviting? I have a question about your seating. I’m looking to put in a love seat as well so I can be more social when sharing music. But, when you are alone do you sit in the crack of the couch to be in the hot-seat?? Thanks


I agree the "wife" comments in my post and in social media tend to be an overstated metaphor. The truth is that's there's give and take in any relationship or sometimes we're going to do what we are going to do.  

"Mama not happy, nobody happy" or "He-man in charge;" whatever works for anybody is fine with me.  Now back to improving my little room.  Appreciate all comments and suggestions; especially improvement ideas.


Very nice equipment and setup. Many husbands have had to make due with the audio space/appearance allowed them. You just may not hear them admit it..


I just don’t get the whole wife tells me what to do thing


I think you did very well but in all honesty if my wife ever told me to keep my equipment out of sight , I'd have a new wife . We've been together for just shy of 50 years so I've either been lucky or she's been smart .

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Really cool little room I like the vibe and it doesn't really read that small visually at least. You've certainly done a lot to treat the room I bet it sounds lovely.


Thanks for kind comments.  Dyn's like the power generated by the Mac, a bigger room would help them breath more, but its what I can work with.

Sub placement was as per Get Better Sound and brief call with Jim Smith.

Other than foam diffusers, wall treatments are home made from canvas framed artwork procured at thrift stores then reupholstered with cloth materials. 


Like it a lot, an inviting space. Appreciate your use of diffusers and absorbers. We know about the equipment don’t we?


Great system. I've seen others talk about the Mac/Dynaudio sound.
I heard the MA352 w/ Klipsch Forte IV and was blown away. Not much can compete w/ that hybid Mac's sound for the price in my opinion.


We’ll done!  I like the placement of your subs, and the way you blended the sound treatments with pictures in the front wall.  Listening space for 2 is a nice touch also.


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