Work in progress!

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 14’

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    • Thorens TD-124 Mk I
    Restored by Chris Harban, Woodsong Audio Plinth
    • Thomas Schick Schick 12"
    • EMT Audio JSD P 6.0

    Reference stereo cartridge with high-density, rhodium plated body; Multi-Facet, High-polish grade diamond on white sapphire cantilever

    • Soundsmith DL-103 Moving Coil Cartridge
    Soundsmith Modified Gold DL103
    • EMIA Copper Step-Up Transformer

    • Audio Note Kits (ANK) L3 Phono v2 Signature
    • Nakamichi 600
    • Black Ice Audio Glass FX Tube DAC DSD
    • EMIA Elmaformer
    • Sophia Electric 91-01 300B SET Monoblocks
    With Princess Mesh 300b Tubes
    • Altec Valencia 846A
    With Jabo (Werner Jagusch) Crossovers and Handmade Solid Walnut Stands

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Absolutely stunning!


I love everything about the room, the system, and the music!
Well done sir!


Gorgeous set up! I’d love to hear this, especially those speakers. Got the Jazz Kissa magazine recently and a lot of those folks really love Altecs.


Thanks for the kind words! Amp is Sophia Electric 300b SET, somehow forgot to add it. The Black Ice Tube DAC sounds good with upgraded 12AX7s (Bugle Boys), but I'm not very stoked on the functionality. The wi-fi connection for AirPlay is very buggy. Works well for movies through the Apple TV though.

Audio rack and the record holders were designed and built by me. Couldn't bare all the cheap-looking or outrageously expensive furniture out there, so had to make something myself! :)


That is my kind of room w/ lots of light and just the right size for me.
Your gear selection is top notch for me. What is your power amp? I don't see it listed. Great to see Valencias in action. Everything is so sweet and makes me want better than I have. What do you think of your tube dac?
And your audio rack is great w/ a modern take on the vintage theme. 


Lovely system!  It may be blue collar in your mind but all I see are some good sounds!


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