So this is my Family room in the basement where almost all of my LPs and CDs are; however, I do not listen to the music here too often, because my main system is in the Living room one level above this room. Newer the less, I wanted to have great system here as well, which might not rival my main one but be as satisfying. So, I put this rig together and now when I feel like chilling out in the basement I can do it without thinking "I should have gone to the Living room because it sounds better". It sounds different for sure, but great regardless. Plus, I can listen to some of my CDs and decide on the spot what I can keep and what I can rip onto hard drive ( I have almost 3000 CDs even though many already gone, and some of them I listened only once). I am listening to the vinyl lately and really enjoying it. Modern day LPs when properly mastered and mixed, sound FANTASTIC!
Cables used in the system are: Pangea, AudioQuest, Heartland Audio, Nerve Audio, WireWorld, MIT and XLO.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Bluesound Vault 2i
    Offering 2TB internal hard drive and excellent DAC. Currently ripping many of my CDs onto that hard drive,since I don't listen to many of them,there is no need to keep them.
    • Golden Tube Audio SE-40
    Excellent 6L6 based vintage power amplifier with many upgrades (there is whole forum just for this amp) and a custom gold plated front panel. Running currently on vintage Svetlana 6L6s.
    • Pioneer PD-65 Elite
    Excellent vintage CD player with famous Pioneer Stable Platter. I do not use any external DAC with this one since internal one is excellent and gives out very analog sound.
    • Plinius M8
    Excellent purist (meaning that there are no tone controls) preamplifier with single ended and balanced inputs and outputs.Great sound! But could be unforgiving if the recording is poor, very revealing.
    • Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL
    Excellent pho stage amplifier with MM and MC capabilities. All adjustments, including impedance and capacitance, gain and RIAA,  can be done from the front so no need to move anything or open up the cover if changing the cartridge. Connected to Plinius M8 preamplifier via Nerve Audio Axon 24 XLR cable.
    • Clearaudio Emotion
    Excellent German turntable with Carbon Satisfy tonearm and Sumiko Bluepoint EVO1 High output MC cartridge. Using it with leather mat and Audio Technica heavy stabilizer.
    • Tekton Design Lore
    Excellent "bang for the buck" high efficiency speakers with powerful bass and airy highs which could be easily driven by any tube amplifier including flea watt SET amplifiers.

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Thank you! That media library reflects 30 years of collecting, even though I have slowed down in the past two-three years,and now having a Vault i am downsizing a bit. There are some CDs in my collection which I listened to only once, so I think I can rip them onto hard drive and get rid of them- slim chances that I will listen to them too often.
Golden Tube Audio still very popular, there is whole forum on the internet dedicated just to this amps. With all proper and necessary upgrades/mods they will serve you for years to come; and it is a wonderful amp.


Nice system and outstanding media library! Love seeing Golden Tube Audio a nice blast from the past.


You have quite a media library. I love all the gear lined up on one shelf for display and easy use. I likewise have a 2nd system for vinyl, cds, and fm which sounds better, but gets less use than the main living room system the tv is hooked up too. Seems to work for me as well. Thanks for sharing.


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