Of course things are evolving and constantly being moved in a new house...

I had owned and sold a McIntosh (MA6200) integrated back in the 80s, missed the performance ever since. Decided to get back into the realm again and started planning a system based around Mc separates, tube preamp and most likely SS amp. Figured out the C22 Mk V was a good fit with a MC312.

Came across a set of Thiel CS3.6 close by for what I thought was good a price. Did some digging around the web for info and found lots of data including the Thiel owners page. Also chatted with a good friend who knew the brand. Word was great speakers with excellent precision and imaging. Made an appointment to audition the speakers, SOLD, paid the nice chap and took ‘em home.

Hooked up my Anthem based set up and wow, folks weren’t kidding how concise the speakers perform. Poor recordings or engineering were obvious, Donald Fagen’s OCD for finished product was up front and concise. Heard things in the music I don't remember hearing before.

More readings on the 3.6 and I decided the new system would merit a MC462, it was a good choice. Would have loved to get some new MC611s but reason intervened as the law of diminishing returns came to mind. I did audition new speakers prior to buying the 3.6s, Wilson, B&W 802 D3, Sonus Faber Olypica Nova V, Dynaudio Contour 60i & 30i, etc. I felt the 3.6s held their own with the previous speakers I had auditioned.

With the planned system in mind I was guessing speakers to measure up would run in the $15-30K range. Interesting how speaker purchasing is so personal and subjective to the listener.

So update to January 2022 Mr Peabody, I’ve got my current system. Found a set of blown mids which have already been rebuilt by Coherent Sound Service, thanks Rob! Now looking for a blown set of tweeters to have rebuilt. With redone mids and tweeters ready to install I'll pull the XCs and do a full rebuild of the XCs with new caps and resistors. Plan is to redo one speaker and compare to the prior set up.

Hope you enjoyed the short story and more so enjoy your listening. 
Cheers, Brett.

Room Details

Dimensions: 29’ × 20’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Thiel Audio CS3.6
    Floor standing loud speaker
    • McIntosh C22 Mk V
    Tube preamp
    • McIntosh MC462
    Solid state amp
    • Yamaha CD-S2100
    CD/SACD player
    • Cambridge Audio T 500
    AM-FM tuner
    • Bluesound Node Gen 3 (N130)
    • Chang Lightspeed X-series H1
    Power conditioner

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Your Thiel's, system and room all look pristine.  Love it!

Those Thiel's saved you a boat load of money from buying a set of new speakers, especially those made in the US or UK.  And you're not missing much, if anything.  Good for you!




Chaps, thosb & mjcmt,
Thanks for the kind thoughts.
thosb, lovely set up you've built as well, enjoy that set up as much as possible. Thiel parts are getting harder to come by and I'm noticing less and less of the wholes being listed as well. Something to be said for current owners not giving up their Thiel models.
mjcmt, also a nice clean set up, well balanced and thought out while maximizing money spent.


That is an impressively good looking system you've got. With some really stellar gear too.


That is an impressively good looking system you've got. With some really stellar gear too.


I also started with Thiels, 2.3s, about four years ago and although I've had other speakers in the room and listened to many in stores, I'm still happy with them, despite lusting over others.  Plus for newbies like me I think it's good to have "revealing" speakers, it's helped me getting better at listening.  And your 3.6s are next level for sure!  I will be interested in hearing how your crossover ebuild goes, I've always wanted to do the same but gun shy due to lack of soldering skills.  Ah the list of potential improvements is long!


The Thiels were in extremely good shape with a few nicks on the wooden base and a couple of nearly impossible to see scratches on the black laminate exterior. One owner since 1993 who didn’t even let his house cleaner in the music room, or so the story goes. Im able to hear the harmonics reverberating through James Taylor’s guitar when plays on these speakers. Heck I would have paid $3-4K or more for what I’m getting back from them. 

In short I’m rather happy with this system. Playing with streaming and DACs now weeding through the options. Feeding the node into the DAC of the Yamaha CD-S2100 for now using USBs of both. 


Nice Thiel’s.  I have the CS2’s I bought new in 1988 and still use them in my reference system.  Are there better?  Of course.   However, I am still very happy and can’t justify the prices of new comparable speakers  today vs. what I have.  The difference in sound improvement is maybe (?) only 10-20% vs spending $6,000 - $7,000 for new Spendor’s or KEF’s.  I’ll pass.



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