My dedicated room or Man Cave. Room is 21x25 with a drop ceiling at 7' 8".
Currently using for both 2 channel and surround. Very pleased with  both Macs. Upgraded from a Marantz receiver with a McIntosh MC7270 that was ran thru the Marantz. 
 I Bi-Amped the front L/R speakers using 2 of the remaining channels in the MC257 and there is a definite upgrade in sound.
Looking to add a dedicated 2 channel McIntosh Pre-Amp along with BW 803 D3 L/R speakers in the near future. Still have the MC7270, a great power amp. May add it to the system along with a 2 channel preamp. May get rid of it.

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 25’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Bower Wilkins HTM71 S2 Center Channel
    • Bower Wilkins 702 S2
    • Bower Wilkins DB4s Sub Woofer
    • OPPO UDP- 203
    • McIntosh MX123 AV Preamp
    • McIntosh MC257
    • 250 Watts x 3 Channels; 200 Watts x 7 Channels
    • TripleView™ Power Output Meter
    • 94% increase in Dynamic Headroom
    • Dynamic Power Manager®; Power Guard®
    • Designed for home theaters
    • LG Electronics LG 65" OLED
    • AudioQuest RedRiver Balance Connectors
    • Schmitt Speaker Cables - Bi-Amp
    • Bower Wilkins M1-Surround Speakers
    A surprisingly great sounding speaker for its size

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Nice clean look, great job!