I recently bought a Sanders 10e speaker system.  They are set up in a small dedicated room.  I'm still learning about their placement sensitivity.  

I'd like to hear any comments from folks on how to dial in Sanders speakers, as well as adjust my other components.  I'll be gradually adding component details and photos.  Thanks for looking!

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    • Sanders Sound Systems MODEL 10e Electrostatic Speaker
    • EVS Oppo UDP-205
    Modified Oppo 205, by Ric Schultz of EVS.  This has the "all-out" mods.
    • G and D Transforms UTP-1 Transport with TG Audio Modifications
    CD transport by G&D Transforms.  Modified by TG Audio (Bob Crump and company)
    • Linear Tube Audio MZ3
    Linear Tube Audio (LTA) MZ3 preamp.
    • Sanders Sound Systems Magtech
    Sanders Magtech solid state class A/B stereo amplifier.
    • Galibier Design Wind River speaker cables
    Speaker cables between the Sanders 10e, Magtech amp, and EVS 1200S amp.  Designed and hand made by Thom Makris at Galibier.
    • Cerious Technologies Hi- Power "Blue" power cord
    Power cord for the Sanders Magtech amp.  Plugged directly into an Oyaide wall outlet.
    • EVS 1200S Class D amp
    Class D stereo amplifier, hand made by Ric Schultz and EVS.  This powers the transmission line bass modules of the Sanders 10e.
    • Teo Audio Game Changer (GC) RCA interconnect
    RCA cables by Teo Audio.  These run between the LTA MZ3, Sanders Magtech, and EVS 1200 amp.
    • Orpheus Labs DAC
    DAC by Swiss Orpheus Labs.  Designed around the Anagram 24/192 chipset.  Associated cabling: Teo Audio GC RCA, Belkin Digital Platinum Synapse S/PDIF.
    • Equi=Tech Son of Q
    Balanced power conditioner by Equi=Tech.
    • Elrod Power Systems EPS-3 Signature
    Power cable for the Equi=Tech.  Plugged directly into an Oyaide power outlet.
    • Seaton Sound Submersive
    Two powered subwoofers by Seaton Sound.
    • DSPeaker Antimode 8033
    EQ/bass management for the Seaton Submersive subwoofers

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jond - I have found that removing power conditioners can improve sound in some cases.  For example, in my setup, the Sanders Magtech amp sounds better without power conditioning.  (I tried it with an Equi=Tech, Transparent, and Shunyata power products, and the bass didn't seem as deep.)

Here is some info about the Galibier Wind River speaker cables:

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Hi Shosugi I am currently left with just one Cerious power cable a short one that was connecting my power conditioner. However I just reconfigured things a bit and was forced to remove the power conditioner for space reasons so no Cerious cords in use. I am using and like Furutech PCs. I've not heard of Galibier unless it's the turntable maker? I quite like the cable loom I have now with Kondo, A23, and AN UK.


Hello jond - thank you.  I took a look at your system.  How do you like your Cerious power cable?  I see that you are using Audio Note speaker cables, and Auditorium 23 interconnect.  I used A23 speaker cables several years ago, and replaced them with Galibier Wind River.  Very similar tone and overall balance.  In my current setup, spade connectors work better than the banana/BFA type.

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Congrats on your speakers looks like a nice room and setup! I have zero experience with ES speakers sorry but they look great.


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