Haven't post in a while...and so much changed since that time.Components come and go,system changes,living space changes.Now is the time to go back.When you have too much "toys" on hands and space which will accommodate- you starting a Secondary System.
So here is one of my secondary systems: it is very simple but very satisfying. I am using Bluesound NODE N130 network streamer as a source and Dared MP-2A3C single ended triode integrated vacuum tube amplifier, which runs on two 12AU7 (Shuguang) and two 12AX7(Tesla/JJ) feeding into two KR Audio famous 2A3.Dared drives a pair of Monitor Audio Silver One bookshelf, which believe it or not, have a great bass extension and will rattle this room if needed,but I seldom listen past 10o'clock on the dial, it is sufficient volume for me.
Cables used are: AudioQuest interconnect,ZuAudio Bock powercable for Dared with addition of VersaLab power block(an A/C filter),and Canare Audio bi-wire speaker cables.
NODE is directly connected to the modem to prevent any wi-fi drop-outs.
What can I tell you guys- it is a great little system with so awesome sound that I can really say that if I had no other system this would be the ONE I can happily live with.

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Bluesound NODE N130
    Excellent streamer/DAC/Network player.Latest generation.
    • Dared Audio MP-2A3C
    Excellent SET vacuum tube integrated amplifier using KR Audio 2A3, and two 12AU7 bu Shuguang Nature Sound series(current production) and two 12AX7 Tesla/JJ(early production, vintage) tubes.
    • Monitor Audio Silver One
    Woah! What a wonderful set of bookshelfs. Amazing sound! Specs are better than some more pricey floor standers.

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what a nice, straight forward system