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Dimensions: 14’ × 18’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96
    • Ayre Acoustics AX-5 Twenty
    • MHDT Laboratory Balanced Pagoda
    • Teac NT-505
    • LUMIN U1 Mini
    • MoFi StudioDeck Turntable
    • Tavish Design Classic Vacuum Tube Phono Stage
    • PrimaLuna EVO 400

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Nice system!  I particularly like the speakers but there aren’t any weak links.  Your speakers and both amps are things I’ve lusted over for the past year!


Thanks for your comment @shosugi. It doesn't hum near the same amount at the dealer so it's probably partially due to my electricity and/or grounding.  I've tried a few things to alleviate it but nothing worked. It does sound really good if I could just figure the hum out. Just the other day I tried the Teac direct to an Odyssey Kismet amp I own and it's magic. Seems like an odd pairing but holy cow is it good. I still want some tubes glowing around here though. :)


bhvf - I noticed your system because of the nice speaker photo.  I did not know that Line Magnetic gear could have hum issues.  I bought a used LTA MZ3 last year, and having a remote control for volume was an important feature.

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Cool bhvf I've heard the LTA Z10 at CAF in 2019 it sounded excellent driving Spatial Audio speakers. And I've heard a Leben integrated, can't remember if it was the 300 or 600 but it also sounded great driving Line Magnetic speakers at CAF. I am personally suspicious of remotes on analog gear and have none myself but that's a personal choice obviously. Good luck with your search!


@jond I'm looking at tube amps/integrateds right now and plan on switching.  I have an LTA Z10 I'm trialing right now and really like the Leben CS-600x and Line Magnetic LM-805iA. The Leben has no remote, which could really annoy me and I would have bought it already if not for that and no balanced input. The LM that my dealer has produces a hum through the speakers that can easily be heard through the speakers. Thanks for the compliments, all.


Lovely speakers my friend used to own the 0/96's they sounded great. Have you considered checking out tubes your speakers were made for them?


Always loved the look of the O/96’s.  Very cool and John Devore is a great guy to support.

Just curious, how do they sound with a solid state amp, since they are most often paired with low powered tube amps?



Very impressive set up.
DeVore speakers intrigue me but I've never heard them to really know.


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