Just an amazing, luscious, unfussy system for a difficult space. The combination of the Super K speakers and the Shindo electronics is a match made in audio heaven. It shouldn’t sound as good as it does and the presentation and transparency will rival anything you may have heard.

This system replaced an Audio Research reference stack, Wilson Sasha 2 and Transparent ref wire. This system is more organic and real sounding. Sure, my main system is better but it is a dedicated room with Shindo, Meitner and Devore gear that is orders of magnitude more nuanced and advanced.

Room Details

Dimensions: 30’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Shindo Labs Mr. T
    Exceptionally quiet and reliable power delivery. Dedicated wall outlet.
    • IsoAcoustics Aperta speaker isolation stands
    A night and day difference with these stands under the Audio Note speakers. The adjustability has been fabulous to tune the speaker to the listening position.
    • Running Springs Audio Jaco
    Used for all non-Shindo gear, dedicated wall outlet.
    • Tellurium Q Black Power Cable
    Used on Innuos and Dac
    • AudioQuest Vodka Ethernet Cable
    From ethernet switch to Innuos
    • Final Touch Audio Callisto
    USB cable for Innuos to Dac
    • REL Acoustics Airship
    Wireless subwoofer transmitter/receiver, speaker level from the amp, rca to the sub.
    • KEF KC-62
    A fabulous, compact subwoofer. It is placed off to the side and adds a touch of dimension and the lowest bass. Very, very easy to integrate.
    • Audio Note (UK) AN-K SPX SE
    Simply an amazing and luscious speaker, especially for my application. As you will see from the photo, I had an impossible request for the speakers in this room and being a sealed box design, they absolutely exceeded expectations.
    • Auditorium 23 Speaker Cables
    4 meter, bananas
    • Shindo Labs Silver Interconnect
    Between the dac and pre as well as the pre and amplifier
    • Innuos Zenith MK3
    Serving as Roon Core with a direct USB connection to the dac
    • Merason DAC 1
    NOS Dac that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Stunning, natural and rock solid. This dac replaced a MSB Discrete which replaced an Aqua La Scal mkii. Its a serious, no frills dac.
    • Shindo Labs Montille CV391
    An absolutely amazing tube amplifier! The liquidity and purity of SET with exceptional power delivery and dynamic snap. As a former owner of alot of fantastic amplifiers, this one may be my all around favorite.
    • Shindo Labs Aurieges
    Superb preamp, organic and frankly if you can live without remote control it may be all you ever need provided it is an appropriate impedence match with your amplifier.
    • Shindo Labs Power Cable
    Stock Shindo cables for Shindo components. They really are best, believe me I tried plenty of others to experiment. Nothing comes close with Shindo.

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'Classy' is the word that describes your system to me.


Ghasley great to finally see one of your systems! And what a lovely system it is love the pairing of Shindo and AN. I can't wait to see the big rig!


You have a real nice collection of gear and I bet these all sound incredible together.  I love how you integrated your system into your room too.


Thanks for the comments. @frozentundra it is quite a bit better than the Audio Research based system that preceded it. It was a Ref 5se, Ref 75se and Wilson Sasha 2. This is in the context of my room and my taste. If you ever hear a properly set up and matched Shindo system, you can’t get it out of your head. Yes, my main system is Shindo, Meitner digital and two pair of speakers depending on mood: a pair of Shindo firld coils as well as Devore O speakers.


lovely ;-) bet it sounds wonderful



I’ve never heard Shindo
But, I have heard AR and Wilson 
What sound difference do you hear when you converted ? 

And, Do you have a second system with Devore and shindo? Or was that in past 

It’s hard to believe your AN shindo setup is better than the Wilson AR stuff

On of these days I’ll hear a shindo

We’ll done on a big change



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