This is a 2-channel system in a multifunction living room. The ceiling of the room slopes from 10 to 17 feet high. All audio components, except the Thiel loudspeakers, are in custom cherry cabinets on the right side of the living room. The back of the cabinets has a ventilated door that allows access from an adjoining room. For critical listening, the coffee table can be removed and the two chairs on the right can be re-positioned to improve symmetry in relation to the sectional sofa on the left side. Cables to the speakers are routed up through the floor from an unfinished section of the basement below. The living room system has gradually become focused on server and streaming based audio, and the turntable has been moved from the living room to a 5.1 home theater system in the basement. A Sonos Connect allows the living room system to be linked with other Sonos components throughout the house for multiroom audio use.

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 19’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Thiel Audio CS-2.2 Loudspeakers
    • PS Audio M700 Monoblock Amplifiers
    • PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    • Innuos Zen Mk3 Server/Streamer
    • Innuos Phoenix USB
    • Sony X55ES CD Player
    • Thorens TD-160c Turntable
    • Grado Signature MCZ Cartridge
    • Cardas Audio Clear Reflection XLR Cables
    Used between DAC and Preamp and between Preamp and Amps
    • Cardas Audio Parsec Speaker Cables
    • Network Acoustics ENO Ethernet Filter and Streaming Cable
    • Shunyata Research Alpha USB Cable
    From Innuos Zen to Phoenix USB
    • Network Acoustics USB III Cable
    From Phoenix USB to DAC
    • Shunyata Research Delta v2 NR and Venom V12 NR Power Cables

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Sorry, my pic of my Thiel’s did not post

Simple search Linn and look for oak Thiel’s…on either side of an oak entertainment center.  Title I believe is “Family Room”.



My Thiel’s / system…



I am with you on the Thiel’s…I hope they last another 25 years.  
I thought yours were in oak.  Cherry would be very nice being a cherry fan.  We also have some handmade furniture in cherry, maple and oak.  We love handmade stuff and have a lot of it.

I am full blooded Italian and my Jewish wife is the best Italian cook in America.  Sometimes I think she more Italian than I am.  :-). We plan to visit Italy once its safe to do so.

We definitely have similar music tastes.  I also listen to a ton of jazz trio music, as well as new age and classical and a smattering of other stuff.

Will do a ton of listening during this holiday week.

Happy Holidays!



Also forgot to mention…love the custom cherry cabinets, like we have in our kitchen and a streaming based system for convenience and lack of clutter.

Seeing a cookbook on the coffee table makes me think you are a foodie too. Sounds like we have lots in common.  

What types of music do you listen to most often?  I have a huge collection and am all over the board.  Nonetheless, my go to’s are jazz, new age, classical and soft rock as a general rule.



Absolutely love your room setup.  Simple, elegant, tidy, warm and welcoming.  Beautiful!

In 1988, I bought a new pair of Thiel CS2’s in light oak, like yours, for $1,650 and are still quite happy with them.  They are also still in perfect condition.

I drive them with vintage Linn LK140 and Kolektor electronics.  I remember an audio salesperson in Boston saying to me…. “I used to sell Linn and Thiel and the combo was a license to steal…they were that good together”.

Are their better speakers and amps today.  Sure, but I am very happy as a music first audiophile who never suffered from the upgrade syndrome.