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    • Clearaudio Performance DC Wood turntable with Tracer tonearm
    A very quiet and effortless turntable/arm combo with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge.
    • Parasound JC 3 phonostage
    SS very quiet musical phonostage.
    • Oppo BDP 95 digital disc player
    Competent CD and SACD player as well as video discs.  I hope to change to a dedicated CD/SACD player, perhaps the Marantz Ruby, when budget allows.
    • DEQX HDP 4 preamp/DSP
    The DEQX serves as my preamp as well as a three way digital crossover for my triamplified DIY fully horn loaded speakers.  The DSP provides speaker correction, room correction, time and phase correction, etc.
    • Pass Labs X150 Power Amp.
    This 150 watt amp serves as the bass amp for my 18 cubic feet Bill Fitzmaurice designed 25Hz quarter wave folded corner horns.
    • First Watt F3 power amp.
    I use two First Watt F3 single ended, single gain stage, pure class A, JFET output transistor stereo amps to amplify the wide range horns and bullet super tweeters of my DIY speakers.  These amps replaced Cary Audio 2a3 SET mono block amps.  I am quite pleased with the SQ after the change.
    • DIY Fully horn loaded tri-amplified Speakers
    AER BD3 wide range drivers in Oris 150 horns cover the range from 200Hz to 8kHz.  Bill Fitzmaurice designed 18 cubic feet folded corner horns play the bass and Fostex t900a bullet tweeters play above 8kHz.  The DEQX DSP orivides crossovers. All slopes are 96dB/octave.  DSP brings the acoustic centers of the drivers to within less than 1/8" of each other although the 15" woofers in the corner horns are over 16ft. behind the wide range drivers including the horn path within the boxes.

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Gorgeous horns! Can we see the whole system?


Wow that is awesome.


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