* 1978 Klipschorns with recent crossover and wiring upgrades.
* PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated amplifier
* ModWright/OPPO UDP-205 disc player w/external power supply and tube audio output stage.
*SVS Micro 3000 subwoofer
* Anti-cable speaker wires

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 17’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    to mjcmt:
    The replacement capacitors are Sonicaps, as shown in the added photo, and I've included the schematic issued by PWK. 


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    The tech who performed my crossover refurbishment found a company that offered a kit replacing the caps as per a Klipsch-published spec sheet, so that’s what was installed. (I’m away from home for a few days and (memory cooperating) will take a look at the brand name when I get back.)
    I simply unscrewed the crossover bases and handed them over.
    I don’t know what Klipsch used in your model iteration but in 1978 the factory used lamp cord to wire the crossover components… well as to interconnect the horns and the woofer (!).
    So, I measured all those lamp cord segments and had the tech fabricate audiophile quality replacements for them all. The push-type connectors for the horns were a breeze to replace but the woofer wire replacement required opening up the woofer chamber, carefully melting/removing the old and soldering the new wires.
    Due to the long break-in period any immediate results were tentative, but I thought the new parts noticeably opened up the sound and now, after a few years, they sound great to me.


    I like the route you went w/ your system. I have similar to a lesser degree w/ tube amp and 1986 Klipsch speakers. 
    What kind of sound difference have you noticed w/ the x-over upgrade and what brand of caps did you use? I've considered the same but the testimonies I've read w/ my speakers haven't convinced me yet.
    And whisper heat extraction fan w/ a thermal switch does seem like a smart move for your cabinet.
    Lastly, I've more than once considered anti-cables. All in all you have a fine system. Thanks for sharing it.


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    That enclosed space is the biggest issue and I've dealt with it by hole-sawing a horizontal row of six 2" openings in the upper back, behind the drawers (which conveniently fit CDs). When operating, I always prop the doors open and position a quiet, small floor fan in the front to basically supplement my heating system in the winter.
    At one time I had a small computer type exhaust fan mounted in the upper left, when I had a CJ PV2ar preamp and MV75 amp in there....which necessitated cutting holes in the lower left floor and allowed a cooling air flow pattern.
    Being a mechanical engineer whose interest is heat transfer, please believe me when I say that issue has occupied a fair amount of my time over the years.
    BTW, I started a thread by asking if there was an optimal temperature that tubes need to be most efficient, and brought up the fan.
    Glad you like the system.


    Looks like a good mix of components, love those Klipschhorns but you may not want to keep your tube amp in that enclosed cabinet.


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