The room also has a 5.1 Klipsch based home theater sound system using a Yamaha processor and Anthem amplifier.

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Roon Labs Rock running on NUC
    NUC is located in my computer room with a MoCA 2.0 network used to connect to an Ethernet Switch in the equipment closet in a dedicated A/V room.    The Ethernet Switch runs Fiber from the equipment closet to my equipment rack.
    • StarTech MCM1110MMLC Gigabit Ethernet Fiber converter
    I sold my EtherREGEN for this much cheaper converter, and didn't notice much if any drop-off in sound quality.
    • Bricasti M5
    • Shunyata ZTRON Anaconda SPDIF cable
    After using Belden 1694A SPDIF cable I tried Shunyata (Cobra, Python and then Anaconda) cables and thought the Shunyata cables were a big step up in performance and relatively speaking worth the price (at least for their used prices).

    • Mojo Audio Mystique V3 Balanced
    I've tried a decent number of DACs (Bryston,SimAudio,Berkeley,Bricasti,RME) and fell for the natural and organic sound of the V3; it is very dynamic also...
    • Shunyata ZTRON Anaconda XLR
    • Simaudio Moon Evolution 740P
    • Shunyata ZTRON Anaconda XLR
    • Pass Labs XA30.8
    Used a X250.8 for years but don't need the power for my current speakers so swapped to an XA30.8.
    • Shunyata Research ZTRON Anaconda Speaker Cable
    • Spendor D9
    Went from Magico S1s to these; I find they offer amazing imaging in my small room (similar to the S1s), good speed and detail (not as fast or as detailed as the S1s though), excellent deep and tuneful bass, and with a nice midrange centric sound.
    I don't find their midrange as lush as say a Harbeth, but in comparing them with the HL5+ and 40.2, I preferred their imaging, speed, and detail levels (and unlike the 40.2 are pretty easy to fit in my narrow room).  Some folks find them too forward or hot, but compared to my S1s they are a good comprise for my current tastes.   The fact that I can drive them with a 30W amplifier is a bonus too!

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Just another Spendor fan enjoying the view!  Great system!


Good to know that the Spendors don't overpower the room. Actually I would not expect that in a room of your size. And I completely know what you mean by the "deeper, fast and tight" bass. Having heard the Spendor D7 and owning the ProAc D48 I can completely appreciate it.
Furnishing seems to help the cause of taming the bass and overall sound. But what amazes me is the fact that you are very happy using the XA30.8 over the X250.8. I would have thought that you would give up "dynamics", "soundstage" and "drive" when moving to the smaller amp. You retained all that when driving the D9s with the XA30.8? Amazing!
Yeah, looks like the Steve Blinn company is no more. BTW, I also like the color of that room.


Thanks for the comments!

@milpai, the bass is very good; I don't find they over power the room at all.  Their mid-bass is not overly warm and I find it pretty fast and tight.   The deeper bass is amazing as you only hear/feel it when its present, with no bloat or over-hang.  I find their floor level port system works very well.
To be fair the back of the room is very well damped, with 3 leather chairs and soft finishing all along the back of the room.

The 30.8 offers plenty of power for them for my room size and listening levels (~80dBC avg with high 80+ peaks).   I initially used a X250.8 and it never left its 18W Class A bias with them so I figured I could save some money and add a little more Class A watts by getting the 30.8 :)

The rack is a Steve Blinn Designs.   He was out of Staten Island but I'm not seeing his web site anymore.   Yea, trying to find a decent rack that would work and not go above the screen line was hard, but this rack has worked well and is very sold.



Looking good and love those big Spendors driven by that class A Pass!


Love those Spendors in the room. How is their bass output in that room, with that Pass amplifier? Do you have to crank up the volume to have a desirable sound level?
BTW, what brand is that equipment stand? I like the way it sits low and can have 3 equipment per rack side-by-side.


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