Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Wilson Audio Sabrina X
    Replaced Harbeth 40th anniversary 30.2. 

    I still have and will always have them. 
    • REL Carbon Special x 2
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK-90 Preamplifier
    Replaced Luxman CL-38uC. 

    A fantastic preamp. 

    The BAT is a better match for the VK-56SE
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK-56SE Amplifier
    Rex 3 next year. 

    Tried different 6SN7 including CBS Hytron & Sophia electric. Both have charming qualities but I prefer the EH tubes that came with the unit.

    Replaced a Luxman MQ-88uC. A lovely magical amplifier but not enough oomph for the Harbeths. Brimar flying leads and Amperex 7316 D getters. 
    • Line Magnetic LP-33
    Telefunken smooth plates
    • Luxman PD-171A
    • Koetsu Black GoldLine
    • Gold Note DS-10/PSU-10 Evo
    DAC Streamer
    • Audiolab 6000CDT
    • Isotek EVO3 Aquarius
    • Isotek EVO3 Optimum
    Power cords
    • Nordost Frey 2
    Speaker cables, interconnects
    • Audioquest Earth
    Balanced interconnect
    • Audioquest Thunder
    Power cord
    • GIK Acoustics Various
    Entire room including ceiling.

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Fantastic looking system! A bunch of great gear I'm sure it sounds sublime together.


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