This is the system I have settled on (for the time being), after experimenting with numerous combinations.
I previously was using Vitus and Ypsilon Amplification and I have always reverted to my Accuphase  gear.  I'm currently selling my Ypsilon PST 100 Mark II PT SA (silver version).
A close friend of mine is a dealer for Soulution & CH Precision (Sound Gallery in Melbourne).  I liked the CH Precision amplification which compared to the Accuphase had a cleaner more open sound, but did not produce the musicality of the Accuphase and lacked a bit of body with my speakers.  The CH Precision would be a fantastic choice with box speakers. 

I'm currently designing a line source and for each speaker I will be using a Bohlenger Graebner 75" planar magnetic driver, 8 X SEAS 7" Nextel  Mid/Bass Drivers, 4 X RAAL 70-20 XR Tweeters and 8 rear firing 5" SEAS Nextel drivers playing 12db below main system to "mask" the crossover point and ensure a seamless transition from the cone drivers to the planar magnetic driver. This System will be Tri-Amped (Currently I have 3 X BAT VK655 SE amplifiers and will purchase the BAT REX 3 Pre-Amp).  I will be using 4 X Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generators with this system.
Proprietry algorithms which were developed after 10+ years of research will also be used.
At the time we commissioned Daniel Weiss to develop the digital platform for the algorithms.


Marantaz Processor
85" Sony TV
JVC DLA-N7 D-ILA projector
Self Designed 3- way speaker system (1 RAAL Ribbon Tweeter, 5 inch SEAS Nextel Mid, 10" SEAS Nextel Woofer and Scanspeak rear firing tweeter)
Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 18’

Components Toggle details

    • Kronos Pro Limited Turntable (Currently with Dealer)
    • Wiess Engineering Jason Transport
    • Accuphase A-200 Monoblock Amplifiers
    • Weiss Engineering Medea mkII DAC
    • Weiss Engineering MAN301 Music Archive manager and Network Player
    • Accuphase C-3850 Preamplifier
    • Acrolink Mexcel 7N-DA6300 AES/EBU Digital Cable
    • Wheaton Triplanar 12" Arm (currently with dealer)
    • Accuphase PS-1230 Power Conditioner
    • Analysis Audio Omega Loudspeakers
    • Acrolink 7N-PC950 Power Cables
    • Acrolink PS-S10000II Speaker cables
    • DS Audio DS Audio Master 1 Optical Phono Cartridge & EQ Unit (with dealer)
    • Stage III Concepts Gorgon Balanced Interconnects
    • Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator X 2

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What a spectacular system aristag1926!


Your photo looks nice, but it sure would be nice to list your equipment so I know what I'm looking at, with a general description of your system. Thanks.


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