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    • Cube Audio Neunuphar speakers
    Smoked Eucalyptus with piano gloss finish
    • Vinnie Rossi L2iSE
    Integrated amp with DHT preamp stage running Elrog 300B or Linlai Global E-2A3 tubes
    • Antipodes K30
    Server/Player. Playback from local storage on internal SSD.
    • Decware SE84UFO2 Super Zen Triode Amplifier
    used with Vinnie Rossi L2iSE as DHT preamp
    • Decware ZSTYX, DSR, DHC-1
    Silver Reference speaker cable, Silver Reference interconnects, Silver power cable
    • Asuz Acoustics Mainz8 C2 Power Distributor
    with Ansuz C2 power cables to all components

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@dspringham  Thanks for posting the photos. The Nenuphars in the finish you chose are lovely.