A modest system in a challenging room that doubles as a living room. Very happy with the sound reproduction. Very deep soundstage is apparent on most recordings. The open baffle speakers alleviated the bass boom I encountered with my previous box speakers. No room treatments. Roughly equilateral triangle from listening position to speakers.

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    • Jolida 3502P
    All stock. Currently have KT 150’s in it. Also have EL34 and KT77’s
    • Elekit TU-8600S
    All the upgrades on this one. VCAP Odam caps, Takman resistors, TKD volume, Lundhal transformers
    • Aric Audio Unlimited preamp
    • LUMIN D2
    • Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire
    Sapelle veneer

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Thanks Jond


Hi mjcmt,
I switch between amps frequently. It is mood dependent for me. The two amps have different strengths. The Jolida especially with the KT150’s in it has a pronounced bass bump compared to the Elekit. It is less pronounced with the EL34 or KT77 tubes. The Jolida is more of a “rocker” amp. The Elekit shines on vocals, acoustic, jazz. It has a beautiful refined sound that I really enjoy. I would be happy with either amp honestly. I think the speakers are the component that has made me the happiest. They fixed all my room interaction problems without resorting to plastering the walls and ceiling with treatment panels which I didn’t want to do as this room serves a dual purpose.