A modest system in a challenging room that doubles as a living room. Very happy with the sound reproduction. Very deep soundstage is apparent on most recordings. The open baffle speakers alleviated the bass boom I encountered with my previous box speakers. No room treatments. Roughly equilateral triangle from listening position to speakers.

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    • Jolida 3502P
    All stock. Currently have KT 150’s in it. Also have EL34 and KT77’s
    • Elekit TU-8600S
    All the upgrades on this one. VCAP Odam caps, Takman resistors, TKD volume, Lundhal transformers
    • Aric Audio Unlimited preamp
    • LUMIN D2
    • Spatial Audio M5 Sapphire
    Sapelle veneer

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Love your system so many tubes! And cool looking speakers and room!