Like many, I made a lot of hifi changes during the doldrums of the pandemic. That may be an understatement...everything changed.

Previously, I had a small Naim system (Atom + Core) paired with Rega RX3 speakers. When I first put that system together, it was perfect for my lifestyle. Fun and punchy, it was like a jolt of coffee whenever I could squeeze in 20 minutes of listening before or after putting in a long day and, more often than I care to remember, a long night at the office. Then came a new job and a new pandemic...while that was a great system for short bursts of listening, it didn't satisfy me for long sessions.

This current system is..."Somethin' Else." The dac is old-school R2R implemented with modern tech. The amp is a hybrid tube/SS affair that conservatively puts 30w into 8 ohms in pure Class A mode.  Tying it all together, the speakers have a friendly impedance curve, which lets the amp show its stuff without strain. I feel all the rhythm and pace and then some of the Naim stuff, but now I can also soak in the organic and fleshed-out tone, harmonics, and inflections of music.

Thought I'd describe this system since, as I was putting it together, there were little to no user accounts of the gear. The amp and dac specifically. Any questions, let me know.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • GigaFOIL v4 Ethernet filter
    • Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5
    • Supra Cables Ethernet Cables
    • Triode Wire Labs PCs, speaker cables, interconnect
    • Totaldac DAC/Streamer
    • Riviera Levante Integrated Amplifier
    • DeVore Fidelity Super Nines
    • AudioQuest Niagara 1200
    • Butcher Block Acoustics Maple/Walnut Stand
    • TotalDAC USB Gigafilter

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Thanks @subterranean6 -- the plants make the hifi sound more "natural" ;-)


Love the wood rack, the chair, and that plant! HiFi's need plants to appear their best, yuk yuk.


Gorgeous I love the rest of your setup and that credenza is so nice and the Devore's look sharp in black. And yes roll some NOS in there at some point for sure.


Thanks! The integrated is a beautiful beast. Couple ECC81s in the pre...the stock JJs sound good but may try some NOS stuff (Mullards?) in a couple months to see how the flavor changes.


Interesting system that integrated looks super cool would love to see more pics of your system.


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