After many years of looking and 50 years in, I found and bought a beautiful Woodsong Garrard 301 TT. It inspired a complete remake of my system. I upgraded my entire system to match the beauty and quality of the Woodsong. 
I was so focused on a 301 since my friend, record producer and record company owner the legendary Winston Ma, had so impressed me that he used his 301 as the source for one on his upscale Gold CDs!
And since Covid, my wife and I have not been doing any traveling. In 2019 we went on 3 cruises. So I got the OK to spend the money on my system and spend 3-4 hours daily listening to vinyl. It is at the center of my retirement.
I now feel that I have a destination rig well beyond any I have lived with or experienced.
$150K gear that sounds like it.

Room Details

Dimensions: 23’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Tetra Speakers 606
    Partially open baffle-10” woofer and trapezoidal enclosure, ATC dome midrange and 
    Mundorf bi directional AMT tweeter in OB.
    606 aka “Thee Fraboni” designed in collaboration with famed music producer, Rob Fraboni (Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, el al).
    • Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums
    Transformative product. Improvement in SQ as much or more than any component.
    • AGD Production Audion mono blocks
    85 watt into 8 ohms 170 watts into 4 ohms. GaN based class D. Stands up favorably to the best. Best amp I have heard in 50 years.
    • Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK 3.3 preamp
    Full function tube preamp. Designed with phono stage to give ultimate vinyl playback.
    18 tubes, 8 for phono.
    • WoodSong Audio Garrard 301
    Beautiful restored Garrard 301. Woodsong platter, top line plinth with Panzerholtz.
    • Tri-Planar SE tone arm
    9” arm with carbon fiber wand.
    • Lyra Atlas SL
    Top line Lyra cartridge.
    • SRA Ohio Class platforms
    For turntable and preamp.
    • Shunyata Research Triton/Typhon power conditioner
    Originally sold for $9000 each or $18,000. The pinnacle of Shunyata technology.
    • Shunyata Research Calien power cords
    Custom designed by Calin Gabriel to be the best available.
    • Polycrystal 3 tiered rack
    A heavy and solid rack that is stable enough to hold SRA platforms and components.

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Very interesting system. Unusual loudspeakers, and amplification. I contacted GAN, I'm hoping to hear back from them soon, although now that I think about it, it is Saturday, so it might be a couple of days.

Enjoy your beautiful system. regards,

Ag insider logo xs@2xislandmandan

what speaker cables are you using? great looking system btw


Thanks John,
The Tetra 606s are the most real sounding speakers I have ever heard.
And I can’t rave enough about Townshend Seismic Podiums. The dramatically raised the level of my system. It is amazing how now my records are now not just good but shockingly good!


Hi Mike
Congratulations on a beautiful system!
I would love to own a pair of your Tetra 606 speakers I can only imagine they sound beautiful and magical. I am so glad you are enjoying the Podiums and the Seismic Pods,
All the best
John from Townshend 

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What a cool and unusual system! Love that 301 a totally gorgeous heirloom piece what a wonderful inspiration to work from. I would imagine it sounds lovely and what a gorgeous serene setting for your system.


Hi Jim,
Thanks for the comment.
Looks like you are a Vandy guy.
Really admire your MK 7 system. Understand those amps are the ultimate way to power those speakers.
Do you have any vibration control under the speakers?
Recommended by many on the Forum, I recently got Townshend Podiums under mine. Wow, the improvement in SQ is as much or more than any component. Night and day!



Lovely system ;-) congrats on retirement music to your ears !



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