Some of the many components I use in my current system. To see the whole collection, I encourage you to check out my instagram, @vintageaudiomaine.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

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    • Vandersteen 2Ce Signature
    Still my personal favorite when it comes to floor standing speakers.
    • Aerial Acoustics 10T MKII
    Highly praised 90s classic.
    • Denon DP-47F
    Fitted with a Denon DL-103R
    • New York Audio Labs Moscode 300
    Lots of fun, a real hidden gem. Rebuilt and calibrated.
    • Nakamichi CA-7A
    As good as it gets for a preamp of this era.
    • Nakamichi PA-7AII
    massive STASIS beast from Nelson Pass and Nakamichi. One of my favorite BJT amps.
    • Adcom GFP-750
    blue board, one of my all time favorites. This is my second GFP 750.
    • Adcom GFA-5802
    rebuilt with new precision matched input mosfets and custom heatsinks to avoid them cooking to death again
    • Paradigm Signature S8 v2
    Works of art, beautiful cherry cabinets.
    • Cambridge Audio CXN V2
    An integral part of my system.

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Looks like a lot of great gear from the past cool collection!