Some of the many components I use in my current system. To see the whole collection, I encourage you to check out my instagram, @vintageaudiomaine.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Vandersteen 2Ce Signature
    Still my personal favorite when it comes to floor standing speakers.
    • Aerial Acoustics 10T MKII
    Highly praised 90s classic.
    • Denon DP-47F
    Fitted with a Denon DL-103R
    • New York Audio Labs Moscode 300
    Lots of fun, a real hidden gem. Rebuilt and calibrated.
    • Nakamichi CA-7A
    As good as it gets for a preamp of this era.
    • Nakamichi PA-7AII
    massive STASIS beast from Nelson Pass and Nakamichi. One of my favorite BJT amps.
    • Adcom GFP-750
    blue board, one of my all time favorites. This is my second GFP 750.
    • Adcom GFA-5802
    rebuilt with new precision matched input mosfets and custom heatsinks to avoid them cooking to death again
    • Paradigm Signature S8 v2
    Works of art, beautiful cherry cabinets.
    • Cambridge Audio CXN V2
    An integral part of my system.

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A nice collection that would afford variety; good job! 
Have you ever considered a panel, line source, horn, or similar for extra variety? 


Beautiful and all looking mint. Love the orderliness of your system. Lots of amps and speakers to swap around to have fun with.


Judicious application of funds to attain a variety of experiences! Kudos! 
I encourage you to pursue a loom of aftermarket cables, including power cords, as this will enhance your systems' performance.  :)


Looks like a lot of great gear from the past cool collection!


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