I have been listening to a lot of high-end rigs (in the range from $10,000 to $50,000) but none of them could come close to this set up. With any kinds of music this system can produce awesome sound at the highest level of high-end system even though this is a new high-end component company. You would not believe it until you have a chance to listen to that. This set up is an entry level for now and I will upgrade to the Reference one in a couple years.

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    • Forsell Air Reference
    Mark III
    • Silver Eagle Audio Reference I
    This is a new company Silver Eagle Audio DAC (single-ended DAC) using two pairs of 6J5s input & output and a pair of 6X5s rectifier tubes. It sounds incredibly awesome.
    • Silver Eagle Audio Signature I
    Another awesome product of Silver Eagle Audio. Same tubes as DAC but with built-in of a voltage regulator and using output transformers from Tango.
    • Silver Eagle Audio Signature 211
    Output 40watts single-ended (truly NO FEEDBACK monoblock amps by using a pair of U52 or 5U4 rectifier tubes, one 211 output, 5687 and 6922 driver tubes with a Tamura transformer
    • JBL C 12 coaxial rebuilt
    Awesome monitors when they are rebuilt and modified.
    • Silver Eagle Audio Silver I
    The core is pure copper with silver plated. These interconnects can make the sound more focus and transparency with more image and details.
    • Silver Eagle Audio Signature I
    The sound has much more focus and transparency if you use with their interconnects. The thing is a break-in time taking slower and longer but you can hear the best of the best sound comes from these cables
    • Silver Eagle Audio 211 Reference I (211 parallel)
    These 211 Reference Monoblocks are the best single-ended I have ever heard. Look elegant too!

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Man.. you call this audiophile set up.  This are all Junk stuff!!


Enjoy the music!


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