Maze Audio Ref4 speaker cables.
Maze Audio Ref XLRs.
GR Research and Maze Audio power cables.
Synergistic Research QLS power.
Synergistic Research HFTs.
Synergistic Research Orange and Purple fuses in main components.
Synergistic Research XOT.
Furutech NCF Clear Line.

Pic taken during room renovation. Will update when room is complete.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Classe Audio CP-800
    • Classe Audio CA-2200
    • Denon DVD-3910
    Underwood Ultimate Modification. NOS Siemens CCA tubes.
    • Emerald Physics 2.8+
    • Sony ES Several ES CD players and changers are in/out of rotation.
    I generally keep a couple of CD changers in rotation for background music (non-critical listening).

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