I love movies and probably watch them more than I do listen to music even, they're the perfect escape from the horrible world we live in sometimes IMO, so I decided that after selling audio and home theaters for 18 years, it was finally time for me to build a dedicated room for myself. I have a small house so space is limited, but since it's a small room, I figure I can get away with small speakers and still have amazing dynamics and sound-staging. So this will be a single row 4-seat theater. One of my customer's is a carpenter, so I enlisted his help in making the dream happen. So far the old room was demolished down to the block, and we've built it up from scratch. It's been fully insulated, and all the wiring is done. There's over 250ft of romex in the walls, including a dedicated 10 ga run to the equipment on it's own breaker. The lights and chair outlets are on another breaker. Since we'll be sitting pretty close to the screen (About 9'), the system will be based on a new 85" Sony TV.  We've also prewired for a future projector however if I want to go to a larger screen down the road. A lot of time went into figuring out the perfect placement for all the boxes on the wall. There's 26 boxes total, including wiring for 11 speakers, and 4 subwoofers just in case. Next comes trim and door installation, then we're building a floating rack on the wall below the screen to house the equipment with the gear all on drawer sliders to make connections a breeze. My décor concept is like a miniature one-row version of a commercial Dolby Cinema, so I'm going to try and mimic that style with LED lighting and a mostly black/grey room. Being a small space I expect the bass to be challenging in this room, but we'll see!

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Lexicon RV-9
    A/V Atmos Receiver with Dirac Live and G-Class amplification.
    • Furman Elite 15 PFI
    Power Conditioner
    • Sony UBP-X800M2
    Blu-ray player for 4k movies
    • Totem Acoustic Sky Monitor
    Left and Right main speakers for the system
    • Totem Acoustic Sky Center
    Center channel speaker
    • Totem Acoustic Kin Monitor
    These will be used for the 4 surrounds, and front high-wide channels
    • Totem Acoustic Kin IC-82
    8" In-ceiling speakers used for the Atmos height channels
    • Totem Acoustic Kin Sub 10
    Two 10" subwoofers for bass duties. Bass could be an issue in this small room, but we'll see.
    • Sony KD-X8591J
    4K LED HDR TV. IMAX says the size should be perfect for the short 9' viewing distance while the brightness will be much higher than a projector. That said, I'm an audio guy, so I don't want to spend too much on the video. I did prewire for a projector down the road though if I change my mind.

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I love seeing the thought, care and building of a dedicated room. Nice equipment choices too, and looking forward to seeing your update.