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    • McIntosh C2700
    • McIntosh MC205
    For Surrounds
    • McIntosh MC275 MkVI
    • McIntosh MX122
    • McIntosh MT5
    • Border Patrol DAC
    • Sutherland Engineering TZ Vibe
    MC Phono preamp
    • Kiseki Blue MC
    • LUMIN U1 Mini
    With outboard power supply
    • Magnepan 3.7i
    Magna Risers
    • REL Acoustics S812
    two subs, one in each corner
    • Sbooster Sbooster Power Supply
    Power Supply for Lumin U1 Mini
    • MCRU Linear Power Supply
    Power Supply for MT5

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Nice system and really cool looking room you obviously have lots of cool hobbies!