Very pleasant sound with the stock pipes, though could be improved.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Marantz SACD 30n
    It slices! It dices!  Sounds good to me. Gathered a fair amount of cds over the years and my trusty Nakamichi OMS-1a can’t stream.  WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.
    • Marantz 10b
    Grew up on Seattle fm stations in the 70’s now I’m closer to Vancouver and really enjoy the classical music of CBC most mornings.  Radio never sounded better to me.
    • Marantz 8b
    It glows in the dark.

    Currently running British Phillips (Mullard) el-34’s  and I’ve got 2 sets Siemens that I think are E. German as well as a quad of Golden Lions.  I should seriously spend more time A/B’ing them, but they all sound great to me. 

    Mullard E90F’s

    Thorn 6CG7’s

    I’ve others too, but I’d have to bust out the tube caddy to jog my memory. 
    • Marantz Model 7
    Cuz I loved how it sounded in my youth.  Thought I should start at the beginning.
    Vintage Telefunken (x6) cuz that’s s what she came with. Gonna dance with the date I brought to the party, but I’ve got my eyes open. Actually, I’d love suggestions. Those 12ax7’s are begging to to be deployed in some guitar amps.  I kid! Mostly.
    • Thorens TD-125 mkII
    SME 3009 series II (I think)
    Sumiko song bird hi output mc 
    • Klipsch Cornwall IV
    Cuz ……Marantz and tubes?  I like!!  Not optimized in room yet and may never be due to room irregularities and my nascent knowledge of acoustics, but I pay attention. 

    Various “affordable” speaker wire until I get the above sorted. Currently using blue jean cuz they’re local. Was using anti-cable that I think sounded a wee bit punchier, but I hated the inflexibility, plus I wanted to try bi-wire (shotgun?). Cables are the next frontier. 

    All other interconnects are Mogami gold, cuz I like their guitar chords. 
    • Marantz Model 19
    Cuz I wanted blue lights!

    The garage needs a system too!

    It’s got a wood case, so it’s classy.
    • Luxman L-550a mkII
    I hate it.  It punches above its weight. It makes my turntable shine. It has vu meters but not blue lights!! They’re kinda soft amber and the needles bounce a lot…. so that’s cool.
    Did I mention that I hate it?  Very, different from my old stuff.  In a very nice way, but I hate change, Lol. I now want to build another system around it for either my bedroom or office.

    Oh! I almost forgot….It’s got a remote. Kids today, what’s next?

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What a lovely system!  Gorgeous setup of gear, the room, and awesome group of guitars.  Congrats to you and do enjoy it all in good health.