I'm looking for encouragement to keep going: actually offer these for sale. The Design, Manufacturing and Assembly Solved. Shipping parts found, not acquired yet.

Designed for Ventilation to surround Tube Preamps/Tuners ...  and Support Heavy Amps ... up to 125 lbs, on top. 

A modern look rather than the OEM Walnut Boxes. 3 heights; 5 finishes (custom also) 

Of course any component, SS or Tube, with a limited amount of heat can be on the bottom, anything up to 125 lbs on top.

Width and Depth based on the Black Tempered Glass Top (19-5/8" x 15-5/8"), which co-incidentally fits the majority of Vintage Equipment Within the Stand. (I thoroughly researched McIntosh Sizes).

Your custom made top could be substituted for the glass top.


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