At last…..I have finally achieved my forever system:

Source component with lots of PR&T (check).
Amplifier with valves for richer sound (check).
Point source speakers with better imaging (check).

Basically since my initial system post, I have upgraded the Naim CDP to the ‘si’ version (improved DAC).
Upgraded the amp valves to KT120 from KT88.
Added supertweeters to the Quad speakers, then upgraded them entirely to Tannoy Precision 6.1 standmounts and then again to the Prestige range floorstanding Turnberry’s (no need for a sub anymore).
Upgraded the TT with a digital drive, a better phonostage and also a better MC cartridge.
Moved home twice.
Switched from bi-wiring to single.
Added a vintage Technics ST3500 Tuner circa 1980 then upgraded again to the Meridian 504.
Upgraded any switch mode power supplies to linear ones.
Added a VCSii record cleaner.
Kept hold of the Isotek Isoplug :)

I genuinely cannot see myself fiddling anymore (the only thing that might prompt a new purchase is something breaking with what I currently have).

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Naim Audio CD5si
    24-bit DAC with enough PR&T to keep me happy.
    Connects to amp via Chord Co. Chameleon Silver Plus interconnects
    • PrimaLuna Prologue 2
    Gorgeous integrated valve amp using matched quad Tung-Sol KT120s for bass slam and crisp treble. The preamp section has TAD RT001 12AX7s for gain and JJ 12AU7s as drivers with Duende Criatura dampers all round.
    Can also use my matched quad Svetlana EL-34s if wanting sweeter treble/midrange still.
    • Tannoy Prestige Turnberry SE
    Lovely Dual Concentric hand made floorstanders that genuinely go 20-20kHz (measured).
    Supplied from amp via Chord Co. Carnival & Carnival Silver Plus speaker wire
    • Meridian 504
    Tuner that makes the most of my roof mounted aerial.
    Connected to amp via QED Qunex 1 interconnects
    • Pro-Ject 2 Xperience
    Clear Acrylic TT with Carbon Fibre tonearm.
    Connects to phone stage via Van Damme ProGrade XKE interconnects (earthed)
    • Benz Micro Gold
    MC cartridge that’s a great match for the TT
    • Pro-Ject Speed Box S
    Digital speed controller for TT
    • Pro-Ject Phono Box DS+
    Dual mono phone stage.
    Connects to amp via Kelvin K2 interconnects
    • Arcam irDAC
    Allows my iPhone & Mac input as well as BT/Airplay receivers.
    Connected to amp via Ixos 1002 Encore Gamma interconnects
    • Sonru BT-1002
    BT receiver for anyone to use/connect to.
    Connected via optical cable to my irDac
    • Wieliang Audio Dual LPS x2
    Linear Power Supplies to replace the noisy SMP wall warts from the speedbox, phonobox and DAC
    • Isotek Isoplug GII
    Mains noise filter (parallel C type)
    • Pro-Ject VCS mkII
    Vacuum vinyl cleaner - noisy but does the trick

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Thanks. It's in my living room so they need to go in cabinets with lockable doors (3yo fingers can be quite inquisitive) - the only extra thing I do is take the grills off for listening.
Nice and mellow when needed so great for background music too (as per my previous system post, I listen of an eclectic mix af all sorts of genres and this system seems to do them all justice).


great system I am a fan of NAIM
love the groove of your room also


Nice system those Turnberry's look amazing I bet they sound fantastic!


@mjcmt 🙏🏼


I'm really lovin' your system and all your fine gear...impresses me greatly!


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