I recently moved to a new home and was able to build a larger dedicated listening room.  Latest change is replacing Magico Q5 speakers with Rockport Cygnus speakers. And earlier, I upgraded my Nagra classic preamp and HD DAC to the HD Preamp and HD DAC X respectively.  I am settled on gear and rack, no more trying new gear.  Going to enjoy listening to music.  Only change will be further improvements to the room acoustics over time.  Any comments or suggestions?  Thanks for looking.

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    • Nagra HD Amps
    • Nagra HD Preamp
    • Nagra HD DAC X
    • Rockport Technologies Cygnus
    • Auralic Aries mkII
    • Grand Prix Audio FI Silverstone
    • Argento Audio Flow Master Reference Interconnect and Speaker Cables

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Are the racks, Modulum?