Picture tells it all.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • TriangleART Crystal Digital Controller
    Motor Controller
    • TriangleART Symphony
    High Mass Turntable with upgraded SE Platter
    • TriangleART RA-6
    6 Outlet Power Conditioner
    • Bob Carver Cherry 180
    Tube Mono Block Amplifiers upgraded with these Amazing Sophia Electric KT88 Coke Bottle Tubes & the equally amazing Sophia Electric 12AX7 tube, the 12AT7 is a New issue Tung-Sol and lastly the 6AL5 is a N.O.S Sylvania tube.
    • Jadis JS-2
    Tube Digital to Analog Converter
    • Grado Reference
    MI Cartridge
    • Origin Live Conqueror
    10” Tonearm
    • Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Co. RS-28CX
    Tube Pre-Amplifier with built-in Tube MM Phono Stage plus a Separate Tube Rectified Power Supply
    • McIntosh MVP-881
    Audio Video Player
    • Monarchy Audio DIP
    Digital interface Processor
    • Chario Academy 2
    • Oswalds Mill Audio Slate Mat
    • Marten Design Oscar Trio
    Matte Walnut Loudspeakers

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Beautiful system! Been a long time Leben and Core Audio fan, great job.