My system may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy it. My interest was sparked as a teenager, I couldn't drive, but my local Radio Shack was within walking distance. I will never forget walking back and forth three times to lug my first receiver, speakers and turntable home. Since then I was hooked. Worked in the best audio store around through undergrad, loved every moment. Learned much from an amazing boss and his wife. Surrounded by great audio from the UK and US. What a way to study for exams! Cup of Irish coffee, fun customers, great music on great gear! I listen to mostly rock and jazz. 

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    • Klipsch Heresy IV
    Took me too long to get into horns. Simply in love with them, they do everything right for my tastes. Long time British speaker fan, Rogers, Missions, TDL.. but I'm glad I made the switch. I know one is not supposed to stand mount, but i feel while on stands soundstage has really opened up.
    • SVS PB 2000
    House mover, love the power and ability to tailor it to my room with my phone.
    • McIntosh 240
    Not pretty to look at, but has it where it counts. Sweet, solid, musical and powerful enough.
    • Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Ultradeck + Master Tracker Cartridge
    Smooth as all get out
    • NAD c 165
    • NAD C 538
    great bang for the buck

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I hate tea.  I however, love your system!


love it !,,,, smart man with MC240
great room and groove


Thank you Douglas, hifi and music has been a rewarding hobby. I am saddened that young guys and gals don't have the local audio shops around to take a listen and explore like we did back in the day. (as well as meet others in the game). Thank goodness for the Audiogon community keeping the fires burning.


From humble beginnings such great things can happen! My first real component was an RS receiver,  and it took all my money. I had to wire up two naked full range drivers, 10" and 12", with lamp cord to hear it!

Enjoy the fruit of your labor.  :)


Thank you mjcmt !


Great equipment from what I've read about your pieces.
I love the Mac 240, I'm sure a great match for your Heresys. 
Really nice turntable too. That Nad pre is very good. You did a great job assembling it. Better than my system for sure.


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