The system in my study / office. It has been the center of my day to day activities since the pandemic began, and it keeps me sane between work and meetings. Probably the most used part of the house, at least for the duration of the pandemic. Now with going back to the office on certain days (we are on hybrid mode), I miss having access to my office system. 
The following are the latest updates to my system:-

July 2022 
Replaced the KEF LSX on my desk with Harbeth P3ESR XD speakers and a Rel T5i subwoofer (thanks to the recommendations of the Hifi Podcast by Duncan Taylor & Darren Myers). They are connected to the second set outputs on my Luxman amplifier. In addition, I have connected my laptop to the Chord Qutest using a Supra Cat 6  cable and as a result can stream from my laptop too using JRiver and HiRes content from HDTracks.

June 2022 
Upgraded the ethernet cable from my Silent Angel Router to the Innuos from stock cable to  Siltech Classic Legend ethernet cable. What a difference. Everything that was streamed tightened up immediately and my Innuos Zen Mini is like a new and superior component.  I also upgraded my power cable leading into my system to a Shunyata Research Delta V2 XC power cable. System is more mids focused as a result. I am happy.

April 2022 
Relocated my GamuT Audio Hi-Fi Lobster chair (a mouthful I know) from my main listening system to my Study System. 

October 2021 
Added a Rel T9x subwoofer to my system in order to achieve a fuller sound. Changed my power cables from QED to Shunyata Venom NR V10 and NC V10.

September 2021 
Changed the speaker cables to Siltech Legend Classic 680i and the interconnects to a variety of Siltech cables ranging from Legend Classic 380i XLR, Classic Anniversary, Explorer. The upgrade from QED to Siltech has tightened the bass and added clarity to the music.

August 2021 
Added a MS HD Power filter to the system as well as a Allo Shanti linear power supply to the Qutest.


Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Dynaudio Contour 20 Bookshelf Speakers
    • REL Acoustics T9x Subwoofer
    • Luxman L-507uX Mk II Integrated Amp
    • Metronome Le Player
    • Innuos Zen Mini Mk III
    • Innuos Zen Mini Linear Power Supply
    • Chord Company Qutest
    • GamuT Audio Hi-Fi Lobster Chair
    • Siltech Cables Classic Legend 680i
    • Siltech Cables Siltech interconnects
    • Shunyata Research Delta V2 XC Power Cable
    • Shunyata Research Venom NR V10
    • Silent Angel Switch + Power Supply
    • Allo Shanti Linear Power Supply
    • Harbeth P3ESR XD Speakers
    • REL Acoustics T5i Subwoofer

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Very kind of you to say so  @proberts911 @charcoalchuck prtv ! Many thanks and keep enjoying the music.


I bet it gets a lot of use being in the study.  Well done.


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Very nice!


Lovely room...well done.


@opera1 / opera1 LOL!!

I popped over to your virtual system and WOW! Your room is gorgeous! Not to mention your system as well. Wishing you much happy listening @opera1 !!


Thank you @jafant / jafant and enjoy the music!


I would never get any work done!!


A beautiful office and system.

Happy Listening!


Thank you for the kind words @mjcmt and jond. I am quite happy with the Metronome and its synergy with the Luxman. I find the Metronome to be a grade above other entry level CD players. In terms of the Luxman, I actually ordered the younger brother (the L505ux) at first but changed it to the L507ux within a week. The upgrade was significant and no regrets!


Thanks very much @tomic601! I find the Neve headphone to be clean and dynamic, though I suspect it is held back by the Grace SDAC :-( But as I have moved largely to a speaker based system, there is no drive to upgrade it for the moment. I picked it based on the recommendation of John Darko. 


That's a really beautiful and functional looking office/study space. And a cracking little office system you don't see Metronome often always been curious I bet it's a great sounding player.


TOTL stereo for a small room, superb computer system, and lovely room. I particularly like your Metronome player, and Luxman amp.


love the feel of the space ! the Neve headphone amp is super cool, how do you like that ? an unusual pick


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