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    • Silverline Audio Bolero speakers
    Outboard crossover:  Duelund CAST-CU capacitors, Mundorf 10awg ribbon inductors, Mundorf M-RESIST resistors, Kimber TCX hookup wire, WBT spades and binding posts.

    Tiger wood burl finish.
    • Kubala-Sosna Research Realization
    Realization speaker cables and XLR interconnects (one pair running from the S-5, the other pair from preamp to amplifier.)
    • Ayon Audio S-5 Network Player Streamer
    • Bryston AVR 20
    Isolation transformer.
    • Kimber PK10 Palladian
    PK10 Palladian power cords for network player, preamp and amplifier.
    • McIntosh MC 1502 amplifier
    Installed mix of NOS Telefunken and Siemens tubes.
    • McIntosh C22 MK-V preamplifier
    Installed NOS Telefunken tubes.

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A beautiful room and system.

Happy Listening!





Thank you again for your kind comments.  The components in the outboard crossover really give those speakers a nice character.  The new components (preamp, amp, interconnects and speaker wires) are still breaking-in, but I am almost certain that I’ll change the crossover and speaker wiring, going back to the North Creek 8awg inductors.  Last week my dealer offered to reach out to Joe Kubala to get his thoughts on which wire to use, but I need to circle back and see if my dealer was able to get hold of him and what he had to say.  Otherwise, I’ll most likely go with Cardas wire.


I am really enjoying the new Mac amp and preamp and thank you for your kind comments regarding them too.  One of the things that intrigued me about the MC1502 was the 112dB signal-to-noise ratio.  I also run the system on an isolation transformer, so for a tube system, it has a very low noise floor.  In both the preamp and amplifier, I replaced all the small tubes with new old stock Telefunken tubes, which are also breaking in nicely.



audiobunker (Duane):  When are you coming back over?  While I respected your effort, you only made a small dent in my stash the last time you were here!  :-)




I left a quick comment the other day but taking a second look now and  nice job on DIYing those outboard crossovers that and redoing the internal wiring. What a great way to give a good old speaker a new lease of life. And those are the brand new Mac releases I just read a review of your amp in Part-Time Audiophile just last month. Really well done!


I bet that room has a stunning drink selection too.  :-)

Ag insider logo xs@2xaudiobunker

CY:  Thank you!  It's a system that has evolved over a number of years.  I acquired the McIntosh gear this past May.  It took me the better part of a month to select the cables, which at this point have less than a dozen hours on them but seem to be breaking in quickly and nicely.

Though I have never ridden an IF bike, I certainly respect them.  Really good bikes.  The bike I used to race when I was a teenager was a 1980 Team Raleigh built with Reynolds 531 tubing.  753 was a bit out of my reach.  Long removed from racing, in the early '90s I moved to a Waterford Schwinn Paramount built with True Temper OS tubing.  Around 2007 I got a Waterford built with Reynolds 853.  Last year I acquired two titanium bikes, both made by Brad Bingham.  Brad is a master frame builder and working with him on the projects was fantastic.  The first bike of his I got was a gravel bike, the second a 29'er adventure bike.  Both are sublime.  If you are interested, I'll send you some pictures.

Douglas:  Thank you too!  It's a system that has evolved over quite a few years.  I uploaded a picture of the crossover in case you were interested.  Yep, that crossover really contributes a lot to the sound of the system.  I love the tone, low noise floor, and speed of the Duelund CAST copper capacitors.  I'll spare you the long story, but in addition to the Mundorf 10awg ribbon inductors, I have a set of North Creek 8awg coil inductors that I'll likely reinstall within a few weeks.  I did replace the internal wiring of the speakers with the Kimber TCX hookup wire, which is what's in the crossover.  It's a 15awg wire.  When/if I go back to the North Creek inductors, I may go with Cardas 11.5awg wire throughout for both the crossover and the speakers.

There's a few reasons I'm fiddling with the inductors and wiring again.  For one, I want to add more weight and warmth to the system.  Also, I just replaced a set of Kimber KS6065 speaker cables with Kubala-Sosna speaker cables.  The Kimber cables used WBT spades, which is what I used on the ends of the wires coming from the speakers.  The binding posts on the crossover are also WBT.  The Kubala-Sosna speaker cables use bare copper spades.  Cardas offers bare copper binding posts, which I'll use for the crossover, and bare copper spades, which I'll use on the wires going to the speaker drivers.  My goal is to keep the types of metal at these contact points the same.

MJCMT:  Thank you too!  The first month I had the McIntosh components was devoted to auditioning wiring.  The cabling I bought has only been in the system for three days now but it's coming along nicely.  One of the things that intrigued me about the MC1502 was the 112dB signal-to-noise ratio.  It's proving to be a very quiet amp and paired with the Kubala-Sosna wire, one can hear quite deeply into the music.  As I mentioned above, however, I do want to fiddle a little bit with the crossover components.

Jond:  And thank you too!  I've had those speakers for over ten years I guess.  They use good drivers and a simple crossover design which has let me tailor them to my various systems or changing goals.  They've been fun.  :-)

Thanks again,


This is a lovely room and an elegant system.  Nice job!

Who builds your bikes?  I raced an Independent Fabrication made from 853 back in the 90s.


Looks like a well-loved setup! Well done! 
Personal best crossovers? I'll bet that is nice, too. 
Seems like you made them tri-wired. Did you redo the internal wiring in the speakers, too? 


I'm taken back by your beautiful gear. The Mc1502 is a stunner.


Lovely speakers and nice looking system overall.


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