System is currently situated on 12’ width pending remodeling family room to increase width to allow proper placement of system and accommodate furniture. Once done system will be properly placed on long axis end wall. 

Turntable currently in studio while ripping vinyl.

CoAx OPPO to DAC. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Zu Audio Omen Def MkIIb
    1” rise at base on carpet.
    Reverse phase rear firing Eton 26HD3 Magnesium/Ceramic Dome Tweeter as a temp add on. I always use this configuration in box speakers to improve off axis soundstage. Will determine best match tweeter in future.
    • Benchmark AHB2
    • Benchmark DAC-2, HGC
    • OPPO UDP-205
    With a power supply upgrade.
    • Pioneer PLX-1000
    • Ortofon 2M Bronze
    • Schiit Audio Lyr
    With phone pre amp used as phono preamp.
    • Benchmark Interconnects and speaker cables, Neutrik SpeakOn connectors both ends.

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The sound is very detailed and neutral to the source material, no coloration whatsoever. Vocals sound particularly wonderful.

Right now I'm playing with rear firing drivers. Since having had dipoles I really can't get used to box sound without it. It will be some time before I open them up and see what the electronics looks like, but I bought some Neutrik Speakon L8 male connectors to take advantage of the ZuB3 input connection on the back or the speakers. The AHB2 has Speakon L4 connectors on my existing cables; why not add 2 more leads per cable, see what we get?

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Interesting setup you don't often see Zu paired with high powered SS amps. I know Sean Casey is a Pass fan, but Benchmark is a bit different. Would love to hear how it sounds and lovely looking room.


Until we expand the family room this fall, the coffee table and the sofa are moved when seriously listening. It pulls double duty when watching movies. 

There is plenty of depth to the room, but the sectional is too big to rotate the room and have my recliner in a reasonable position. I use the recliner a lot due to multiple spinal fusions.

So, the next addition to the system? A bigger family room with a 9’ ceiling.

I will never go back to Maggie’s after having these Zu's. And am experimenting with rear firing drivers to recreate the dipole effect of expanded spatial dynamics. So far a Fostex 4” Sigma works best, down to 200 hz. 

More pics to come as I add plinths and a final rear speaker design to the Zu's in a finished box.

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Dude, looks great but the big table and sofa are keeping you from better sonics.


Superb and beautiful too.


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