This is my main system which I have put together over the past three years (with the tacit understanding of my better half). Largely settled for now with no major upgrades on the horizon. 

The updates that I have made to my system are posted in the e-mails below. 

July 2022
Replaced my ProAc R30S speakers with the ProAc D48R speakers in April. It was not an improvement as I unfortunately lost the magic for a couple of months due to excessive bass. However, I consulted the postings of other Audiogoneers and after checking with my go to HiFi guy, I upgraded my Townshend Audio speaker podiums (by going up to the next weight level). The problem has been somewhat resolved but I will need to do more testing with felt inserts and as otherwise recommended my fellow Audiogoneers.  

January 2022 
My Gamut Audio Lobster Chair has finally arrived! The sound (in particular the sound stage and clarity of instruments) seems to have improved, as far as my ears are concerned that is :-) What an absolute relief! 

November 2021
Added an Entreq Silver Tellus II to my system, specifically to ground my digital sources. Upgraded the main power cable from the power socket to the Isotek Aquarius, to Shunyata Research Delta V2 XC. The bass and mids improved tremendously but as the highs were on the anemic side, replaced the stock fuse with a MS HD Power Rhodium fuse, which brought back the highs that I previously enjoyed.     

October 2021 
Replaced Isoacoustics Gaia III isolators with Townshend Audio speaker podiums. Bass became tighter, noise floor dropped, clarity and sound stage improved. This proved to be more than a minor upgrade.

September 2021  
Moved from QED Genesis Silver Spiral speaker cables to Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cables; installed another layer to the Quadraspire rack.

August 2021
Added 2 units of Isotek Aquarius EVO3 power conditioners; upgraded interconnects from QED to a Siltech Classic Legend 380i; installed Isoacoustics Gaia III isolators on my ProAc speakers.

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • ProAc Response D48R Floorstanding Speakers
    • Silversmith Audio Fidelium speaker cable
    • Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Podiums
    • Rel T9i Subwoofers
    • Primaluna EVO 400 Preamplifier
    • Primaluna EVO 400 Power Amplifier
    • Hegel Mohican CD player
    • Marantz Ruby KI SACD player
    • Chord Hugo TT2 DAC
    • Chord M-Scaler
    • Innuos Zenith Mk3 streamer
    • Innuos Phoenix Reclocker
    • Isotek EVO3 Aquarius
    • Entreq Tellus Ground Box
    • Entreq Silver Tellus II Infinity Ground Box
    • Siltech Cables Classic Legend 380i Interconnects
    • Shunyata Research Delta V2 XC Power Cable

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You can find them here:


Who makes the component rack?


Thank you @tablejockey!

It has been quite the journey, with some acquisitions that have worked out well, and some not so well! The move to separates was truly an eye opener for me. 

Will bear your advice in mind. I was thinking of upgrading my cables next and possibly adding a power conditioner as well.  


Thank you @jond!

I began with a PL Integrated Evo 400 and moved to a PL pre and power amplifier a few months back. I do plan to add another PL power amp in time and go mono! Fingers crossed.

The smaller units that I think you are referring to are my Zen Mini Mk3 player and its equally sized LPSU, as well as my Pro-ject DAC and CD player.


Thank you @mjcmt for your kind words.

You are right indeed. The PL/Mohican/ProAc is a wonderful combination! I cannot take credit for it though. Being a relative newbie, I had the good sense to rely on my dealer who recommended the PL/Mohican/ProAc combination.  FYI, when I first visited my dealer, I was dead set against tubes and had no intention of going down the path of CDs. Look at me now. LOL!   

However, in relation to the Mohican, I have had some issues with the CD transport mechanism. My dealer replaced the unit the first time around, and will be taking the player back for repairs once the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. Notwithstanding its build issues, when it comes to playing red book CDs, the Mohican is truly outstanding.


Looks like a nice stereo with a view-well done!

Cool to see your integrated to separates journey too. Smart move with the PL stuff. You can just focus on making your sources the best possible.


Lovely room and nice system! So you went from the monos in the early pics to the Primaluna in the later pics?


Your PrimaLuna/Mohican/ProAc must be a stellar combination that I only dream about.

And what a gorgeous room too to listen to music in.


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