Challenging listening room that obviously needs treatments. The 6 TV screens definitely present a challenge for sound reflections.

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Luxman M-2000
    Professionally serviced 2019.
    • Luxman C-1010
    Complete professional recap 2016.
    • Klipsch RF-35
    • Marantz CD6005
    With Microsorber MSB-1 isolation feet.
    • Denon DVD-2200
    Used for SACD's
    • Sennheiser RS-180
    • Sennheiser HDR-170
    Syncs with transmitter of RS-180's for dual listening.
    • Signal Cable Inc. Interconnects
    • Tara Labs Speaker Cables
    • JL Audio Interconnects
    • FiiO X5
    Version II. Paired with FiiO Mont Blanc E12 amplifier.
    • FiiO Mont Blanc
    Model E12 amplifier. Paired with FiiO X5-II
    • Pioneer BDP-23FD
    Elite series Blu-ray.
    • Luxman M-120a
    With wood cabinet. Currently in second listening room.
    • Luxman C-120a
    With wood cabinet. Currently in second listening room.
    • Klipsch KG-4
    With Crites crossover and titanium tweeter upgrades. Currently in second listening room.
    • NAD 514
    CD player currently in second listening room.
    • Vizio E65-C3
    • Vizio E40-C2
    3 of these in the system.
    Multiple screens are in use only during College Football and Basketball seasons.
    • Vizio E32-C1
    2 of these in system.
    • Boston Acoustics A26
    Used for audio of multiple TV screens.
    • Yamaha RX-V595a
    Used as audio source of multiple TV screens.
    • Impact Acoustics 6x2 Audio Switcher
    Used to enable selecting audio of specific TV screen through Yamaha AVR.

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I thought the same thing. 6tvs?