DIY Heavy Plinth Lenco L70

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Dimensions: 18’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Lenco L70
    Rebuilt/modded L70. Here is a link to the full build:
    • Quad ESL-57
    Came without legs/feet, so I made some test legs/templates out of pine. Once I redo the panels/electronics, I'll make a nice set out of a better wood.
    • Klipsch Cornwall mkII
    Upgraded crossover and tweeter. HEAVILY braced inside, horns damped with spray/rope.
    • MicroMega Stage 3
    • Theta cobalt 307
    • McCormack MICRO phono
    Been running this for a long time. Soon to get some cap upgrades. Power supply was already upgraded.
    • Magnum Dynalab FT-101a Etude
    My radio started out as a standard FT101A that I had upgraded to the Etude. I later upgraded the caps further...
    • Cary Audio SLI-50
    Main amp, with upgraded caps throughout.

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Thanks! Yeah, I call the CW's my Blasphemy's. Took a while to do the "decoupage" on them and then whitewash/shellac them. They have been heavily braced - corners/bass port/motorboard/front to back. Also has upgraded Crites xover and tweeter. Bought the Stage 3 new. Loooong time ago. The Marantz is a 2230 I recapped. When listening to radio, I feed the Magnum Dynalab through the Cary (not turned on) to the tape out and to the Aux in on the Marantz. Radio is on alllll day, don't like burning through tubes. Plus, metal seems more gratifying through the Marantz to the CW's. Basically, the Cary becomes an input selector for the Marantz :) Don't always want to wait 30 min for tubes to warm up. The Marantz stays on all the time. And yeah, the Minimus move around a lot. Right now they are on my desk. Did a major crossover rebuild on them. Nice sounding little speakers for a desk.


Very interesting system. The Cary/Quad seems like a nice pairing.
Thats a very unique skin your Cornwall's are wearing.
Your custom Lenco is quite special.

BTW, I had the Micromega Stage 3 myself. It was a very nice non-digital sounding cdp in the day.

Is the vintage Marantz/ RS Minimus for background FM radio?


Over time, you get to hear something that is more pleasing, whatever that means... And when that happens, the chase begins all over.  Need? Nah. Want? Sure...

But yeah, I am quite happy with this set up:)

I intend to rebuild the Quads and finish them properly. Redo the electronics, panels and make proper legs for them. These were done as a quick fix as I got them with no feet/legs.


Love it perkri Lenco, tubes, and Quads what more do you need?


Added some more pix...

Here are links to the build of the L70


Nice Lenco! Where's the rest of the system?


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