After many years of effort, I have arrived at a system based on high value components. I recently upgraded the speakers, power amp, AC power filter, power cords, and speaker cables and I am very happy with the results.

My backup pieces can be seen on on shelf on the right behind the system: a Nakamichi 610 preamp and an Adcom GFA 5200 amp.

The room is a combination office and sound room:
  • It is a ground-level (1/2 basement) room with a concrete floor, and concrete and wood walls
  • The room has a dead-end / live-end acoustic 
  • The AC outlet feeding the system is on a dedicated 15 amp line
The last upgrades I have planned are a new phono cartridge and acoustic diffusors for the ceiling.

Thanks for looking. Happy listening!

Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Denon DP-2000 drive, with a Stax UA-7 tonearm and a Sumiko EVO III cartridge
    • Yamaha C-60 preamp
    (as my phono stage and headphone amp)
    • Rega Original Planet CD player
    • HP Pavilion i7 quad-core laptop
    (for internet streaming and DVD playback)
    • Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2

    (DAC and digital preamp; allows analog playback from the Yamaha C-60 via the Pass Through feature)
    • Adcom GTP-450
    (used as a tuner)
    • Spread Spectrum Technologies Son of Ampzilla II
    (225 watts per channel - I love this amp!)
    • Living Sounds Audio LSA-20 Statement speakers
    (I absolutely love these speakers!)
    • Core Power Technologies Deep Core 1800
    • PS Audio Power Director 3.5
    • Core Power Technologies USBe Perfect
    • Custom Built Bass Trap
    (There are bass traps in all 4 corners, and on the sides of the record shelves.)
    • Nitty Gritty Model One
    (Record cleaning machine)
    • ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) Sound Planks and Sound Panels

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Those speakers are your statement piece in this system. Beautiful. 

I'm considering a Rega Planet to use as a transport for my system. Are you using yours as a transport w/ the digital output?