Been listening to LPs since my mother's Perry Como records.  A semi-active musician in my local area, I have collected music for years but never really heard music.. That is until my interest renewed and I began to put together a system that could actually reproduce what was being heard in the studio.  Getting there piece by piece....

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Luxman L-507uX Intergrated Amp
    • Rega Rega RP6 Delrin Platter and Subplatter
    Has outboard PSU.  Has full Groovetracer package with aluminum subplatter, white delrin platter, counterweight, and 1 lb record weight.  Also a 'Little Belter'
    Sits on a 2" maple block which sits on anti-vibration shop mat.
    • Jolida JD9II
    Minimally modded with interior soundproofing sheets, a new set of OP627's in the output section, and the use of various NOS 12ax7 tubes.  My favorite are early 1960's
    • NAD c546bee
    CD player.
    • Denafrips Ares II
    R2R DAC.  Presently using with my NAD CD as a transport.
    • Klipsch Heritage Heresy III
    • Klipsch R-115SW
    15"  400watt sub
    • Furman PL-PlusC Power conditioner
    !5 Amp power conditioner, isolator, and distributor.  I have used these with professional performance gear and they work well for the $$$.
    • Pangea Audio x-brace audio stand
    All of this sitting on a very sturdy, stable, and inexpensive stand.
    • PylePro PPEQ-200
    Stereo dual 10-band EQ which is noisy, but works nicely for correcting the shrill (or muddy) sound of certain recordings.  Not used much, and out of the circuit when not in use.

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Really well put together setup I'm sure it sounds lovely.


awesome setup imho


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Thanks mj.  It is not easy to match a system together.  And expensive.
BTW, those Pangea shelves are 3/4" MDF, covered with a vinyl carbon-fiber finish.


You did well with your sold equipment choices. Enjoy!!!

Are those actual carbon fiber shelves? I've always wanted to know how carbon fiber compares to solid maple, which I see you use for your TT.


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