bought all of these components used.  i lucked out and it sounds really nice for my needs.  i do not have a dedicated listening space as we typically just mosey about our day listening to music while we do whatever we do when we're home.  

i'm bottlenecked with my phono stage and am looking forward to replacing that.  

i'm hopeful it won't bring out any flaws i'm unable to hear, but i'll find out soon enough.  

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    • Rega Planar 2
    older style Planar 2 with a Sumiko Blue Point #2.  the 'planned' progression here is step up to a Sumiko Songbird.  if i ever decide to upgrade the turntable it will be another Rega. the 6 most likely.

    i'm currently on the hunt for a phono stage as i've got this hooked up to a DJ PRE III (all caps because while this has worked since my last turntable.)  i want very much to get rid of it.  
    • Adcom GTP-600
    this is my 'floater' in that this is not what i want, but was so cheap i couldn't turn it down when my other receiver took a dive.  in looking for an amplifier i learned a bunch about Adcom and grew to like the company's products.  
    i just scored the Tu-317 above it and my hope is to pair it with an AU-517 or an AU-717 (or similar).  i just really like the way these Sansui's look and sound.  
    • Parasound HCA-1000a
    picked this little guy up pretty cheap (relatively) and like it a lot.  at this point, i'm keeping my eye out for a Krell Cav-300i (because that's what i'm fixated on) but am also thinking of looking for another HCA-1000a to run with this one.  not sure if that will help or even sound better, but should one pop up, i'll try that.  i do like it a lot though.  it's a hefty little amplifier.
    • Energy Connoisseur C-9
    bought these here and just love the heck out of them.  can't see myself upgrading these until i've upgraded everything else that i have.

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Nice system and a great start! Question is that the inside of your Dac with the Lundhal transformers?


Very nice budget audiophile system. You are to be commended. Enjoy many hours of listening pleasure.


Parasound and Adcom; brought back good memories! Enjoy!


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