1. To my ears a fine sounding modern tube amplified system for music only. Currently switching between 2 different speakers. The Klipsch produce a lively dynamic sound, the Paragons a warm rich audiophile sound. Both are very good to me.
2. British 2-channel stereo with plenty of pace and rhythm used for TV/movies and some music.

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    • Mystere IA-11 tube amp
    40 wpc tube integrated
    From sister company PrimaLuna, Netherlands
    ElectroHarmonix EL34 power tubes, 6SN7 preamp tubes
    Quite outstanding sound!
    • Thorens TD-203 turntable
    Belt-drive turntable w/ electronic speed change
    PT-82 Uni-pivot tonearm
    Really extracts detail from LPs for a budget turntable
    • Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge
    MM nude elliptical cartridge
    Very detailed
    • Schiit Audio Mani phono preamp
    MC/MM phono stage
    Very fine phono preamp for the money
    • Marantz CC-4001 cd player
    5-disc CD player used as a transport via digital output to a DAC
    • Schiit Audio Modi 3 dac
    24bit-192khz DAC
    • Rotel RT-940ax tuner
    FM/AM analogue tuner
    A bit dry sounding but excellent tuner for FM
    • Klipsch Forte I speakers
    1st generation Forte's w/ horn tweeter and midrange, 12" woofer and 12" passive radiator
    Huge soundstage and dynamics
    • Paragon Acoustics Radiant/SEAS speakers
    Quasi transmission-line cabinets retrofitted w/ SEAS Froy Mk3 speaker kit from Madisound
    Refined audiophile sound w/ very fine bass too
    • Target Audio rack and speaker stands
    5 shelf rack w/ top turntable shelf of 2" maple
    24" speaker stands w/ 2" maple platform for tube amp
    • . .
    • Rega Mira 3 amp
    British 60 wpc integrated amp
    Smooth sound w/ good PRaT
    • Yamaha BD-S677 bluray player
    CD, SACD, Bluray player
    • FiiO D-3 dac
    Inexpensive 24/96 DAC from TV's digital out to analogue amp
    • Monitor Audio Silver S-6 speakers
    British 2.5 way speakers
    Ceramic coated aluminum/magnesium drivers
    These speakers offer up an excellent balanced sound w/ deep bass

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For the last number of days I've been listening to music a lot with the main tube system using the Klipsch speakers. I just wanted to say I'm really quite taken back at the balance and dynamics while listening to a wide variety of music.


Thank you for your encouraging words Rocray and Earlflynn. These systems are far from perfect, but I'm finding enjoyment with them and trying not to wish for better.


Really like your system's.


Very nice! Nice choice of equipment. I love the way you have used the chess board.


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