A few years in the making, with the room treatments and speaker positioning providing the final edge to bring that sweet “in the room” imaging and sound-stage that analog+tubes can deliver.  The room being so small has meant that small tweaks make big differences.

The acoustic panels on both side walls, the quadratic diffuser on the rear wall, the record storage/display and subwoofer are all DIY.

The frequency response plots show the "before" and "after" the speaker positioning and room treatment additions.  Many a Saturday with my best friend, the "Room Equalization Wizard", a testing mic and lots of patience.  I'm not sure I'll ever get rid of that 35hz bump caused by a room mode.

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Dynaco ST-70
    Dynakit sourced from Bob Latino @ Tubes4Hifi.  I have run the stock EL34 power tubes, but am currently running KT77s.
    • PrimaLuna Evo 300 Preamp
    • Rega P3
    • Rega Exact 2
    • Sonus Faber Electa Amator III
    • Linn Sneaky DSM
    Streamer DAC
    • DIY Subwoofer
    DIY sub - 12" down firing ported design.  Connected "high level" directly to Dynaco power amp.

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@weiserb - I used the GIK room modeler.  It isn't great, but it is free!

@bdp24 - Thanks.  Yes, the instrument collecting is fun, and it has taken me most of my adulthood.  Maybe a 'proper' jazz guitar to still add.  One day!

@cdorval1 - Yes, I did make the LP rack.  It was one of my "covid projects". (  It was fun and required purchasing a few new tools (part of the fun) and learned some stuff along the way.  BTW, made the rookie mistake of building it too small.  It filled up far too fast. :-)

@mjcmt - the CJs are "old system".  The new tube gear much warmer than the CJs, which I prefer.  The CJs are great, but have a sharpness on the higher end that I've grown to dislike as I've gotten older and my taste (and probably hearing) has changed.  Great call out about "seasonal" systems with the tubes.  That Dynaco heats the room in no time in the winter, and makes the room a bit overly "spicy" in the summer!

@oldears - thx for the callout about moving the speakers further into the room.  I've experimented a LOT with the Electa Amators and they need to be a bit further away from the listening position to make the soundstage integrate well.  I do give up a bit of the pinpoint imaging, but the trade off is worth it for the "in the room" feeling of acoustic instruments that I'm after.


Very cool system, accessories and room treatments. I love the floor plans too.
What program did you use? I would love to map out my room and system like you did. Thanks!

Ag insider logo xs@2xweiserb

Nice instrument collection too. Between the Les Paul, Strat, Tele, Epiphone ES335 (the Gibson version has gotten too expensive, hasn't it?), Martin, and Fender Deluxe (no reverb? ;-), you got it all covered!


What a great room!  Especially like your LP display.  Did you make it?


This is really beautiful (including the guitar setup!). You just inspired me to download the Room Wizard — thank you!


I love the room, especially the treatment on the front wall and the diffusor you made.  And the axe collection!  You've got all your bases covered there.  One of each of the archetypes.


Well thought out system and room. I'll bet its a please to listen to vinyl and streaming. Are your CJ separates the previous amplification or do you switch around in summer and winter? Your system/environment is a pleasure to view. Thanks for sharing.


I like it. A suggestion: Move the speakers 2' more into the room ( to get to one third the length) and move the seating position 2' toward the speakers ( to get to an "equal T" ideal distance for imaging). Will only cost you a few minutes and you will be really pleased, I think.


Nice. Great speakers. I'm sure the room acoustic treatments make a large improvement.


Very nice system love the SF Amators.


Love it alphageek, the system love the ST-70 Electa Amator pairing. And the wall of axes is great too also that DIY sub at first I thought it was part of a home bar it's huge!


looks awesome


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