One Long Room: Music/Dining one end; Living/5.1 Video other end

Added Office System

Added Garage-Shop System, & Components from Fisher President II, 
1958, during brief live binaural radio broadcasts. Tune CBS FM for left; Tune CBS AM for right; Snap Control to 'Stereo Radio" Main System Electrovoice Drivers/Crossover/L-Pads are from the President Console.

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Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    Those drivers are from a 1958 Fisher President II I inherited from my uncle in 1973. 

    That was it, instantly hooked on awesome sound. Horns are impregnated linen, nearly indestructible. I burnt a pair of T35 tweeters blasting Iron Butterfly. Electro-voice re-built them for me. I switched to T-350's. 

    I had the 15W woofers re-coned by a pro once, then did it myself. I have a full set of spare drivers downstairs! Just installed new 16 ohm L-Pads which all these vintage speakers came with/need.

    btw, on my Reel to Reel version, you can hear him drunkenly slur 'Garden of Eden'.


    Thanks, this room is what makes this small house a keeper. 

    We are surrounded by big and bigger Victorians in 6 historic districts. When I visit other houses, I always look first: "where would the .... go?". 

    I added a nice glass/screen porch just behind, insulated windows, sunset side, listening without imaging there. Both rooms in the back yard, private and quiet, I can play at any volume any time.

    I need time to list the components, I'll get there, next week probably. I want to add my small but happy office and garage systems too. The last 2 years have been active changes in all 3 locations. I guess I could say something about the Video system too, small but very enjoyable.


    Really nice dining room system you have crammed in there. What is your equipment list. 
    I have a much simpler FM system crammed into our townhome's dining room (NAD 7225PE receiver/ Klipsch Forte I).


    Elliot great to see your system looks cool and lovely home! Love those Electro-voice drivers too but dammit where's this Russian preamp we've been hearing about for months?


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