One Long Room: Music/Dining one end; Living/5.1 Video other end

Added Office System

Added Garage-Shop System, & Components from Fisher President II, 
1958, during brief live binaural radio broadcasts. Tune CBS FM for left; Tune CBS AM for right; Snap Control to 'Stereo Radio" Main System Electrovoice Drivers/Crossover/L-Pads are from the President Console.

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    I have followed this site for eight months or so. I don’t know how to message someone hence this comment. I am getting started again. I am thinking of a new tt. Read your advice yesterday to the person upgrading. Your opinion and those of theirs that I follow interest me. Then I noticed you had the same tt. You mentioned you spoke to the seller on behalf of a friend looking to make a purchase. I have a music hall Mmf 2.2 with a music hall tracker cartridge and a paramount phono amp. I am a neophyte when it comes to turntables but handy. Could you please advise me whether you think this would be a big improvement.
    Either way thank you for your consideration.