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    • Dynaudio Sub 3
    x 2. More to come. Situated next to AF 61 floor standers.
    • Cardas Audio 101 Speaker Cable
    30' cable. Room constraints and receptacle access causing longer cable length than desired.
    • WyWires, LLC Silver Juice Power Cord
    Connected to Regenerator
    • Nordost Blue Heaven XLR Interconnects
    From Pre to Amps
    • Anthem Statement A5
    Powers the Dynaudio Speakers in 2 ch
    • Elac Adante AF 61 Floor Standers
    • Dynaudio Evoke 20
    Secondary Speakers for Video and when I want 4 speakers playing 2 ch, which is quite often the norm
    • PS Audio M1200 Mono Blocks
    Class D amp w/ 12AU7 Vacuum Tube Input
    • PS Audio Steller Power Plant 3
    • Pro-Ject Audio Systems Carbon Debut TT w/Red Ortofon MM cartridge
    • Elac Phono Preamp PPA-2
    Alchemy Series
    • Elac PRE/DAC/Streamer DDP-2
    Alchemy Series
    • GIK Acoustics 6"x2'x4' Bass Traps
    x4 on wall behind LP

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A regenerator, or something comparable, is an absolute must for my situation. This building is riddled with code compliant wackery. Code compliant because building codes did not exist when this old girl was built. Ground loops on catv, phone, and satellite. Knob and tube lighting mixed with receptacles. Pumps without a neutral. Real shit show. I was thrilled to learn about regenerated power and it’s audio application. Everything, including amps, are connected. What came as a surprise was connecting the amps and not pushing the regenerator into the red. It handles power needs far beyond spec. System background noise and power noise fade to black. A wonderful addition to a system.


Nice job with a tough room!  Curious about your experience with the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 - I am close to pulling the trigger on one myself?  Also, do you favor streaming or lps?  ENjoy!


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