Most of this system has been purchased used (the Chapman T7 speakers and the Jolida amp were over 20 years old when I acquired them and the Theta was close to that), and I find almost as much joy in putting the system together without a huge outlay of money as I do in my listening sessions.  Within the last year I bought a Cary SLI-80 (one of the few pieces purchased new). I also have a Bluesound Node, but mainly use it to search for new music. The bulk of my listening for the last several years has been to my growing LP collection, which lay fallow for about 25 years until I got back into vinyl about 7 years ago.

For stereo listening:

Cary SLI-80 HS

Chapman T7 speakers

Rega P8 turntable with Benz Micro ACE SH cartridge and Herbie Mat

Bottlehead Eros phonostage 

Theta Digital Compli universal player/transport

Bluesound Node streamer/DAC

For surround sound TV and movies:

NAD T753 receiver

Chapman T5 speakers

PSB Image center

PSB Alpha B speakers

Sony BDP S360 blu-ray player



For portable listening:

Sennheiser HD600 headphones

Ulitimate Ears UE 900 IEMs

Ibasso fer-de-lance D6 DAC and Headphone amplifier

iPod 5.5 generation, with aftermarket 240 GB hard drive

Audiominor LOD


Room Details

Dimensions: 18’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Chapman Audio Chapman T7 speakers
    • Cary SLI-80 HS
    • Rega P8 turntable with Benz Micro ACE SH cartridge and Herbie Mat
    This turntable is my biggest splurge so far - purchased used, but it had only been used for a few months when I bought it (the previous owner traded it in for a P10).
    • Bottlehead Eros phonostage
    No, I didn't build it, but my local dealer had this sweet kit-built unit that he'd taken in on trade, and it sounds great in my system. I added Bottlehead's power cord kit (which I did build - figured I could trust myself with that.)
    • Theta Digital Compli universal player/transport
    Used for CD and SACD
    • Bluesound Node
    • Chapman Audio T5 speakers
    I bought these new in 1982, and right now use them as my R & L front speakers in my surround system.
    • DH Labs Silver Sonic RCA interconnects
    • AudioQuest Type 6 Hyperlitz speaker cable
    • Furman PST-8D
    • Bellari Audio VP 530 phono preamp
    I purchased this because of the USB out and have used it to digitize a few records to share with others (mostly my choir from high school).
    • Jolida SJ-302a integrated amplifier

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Thanks, @spiritofradio. I actually need to update my virtual system page - I've replaced the Jolida with a Cary SLI-80 and added a Bluesound Node for the streaming.


Cool stuff Bro.  And a very nice room too.  I’m with you on buying used too.  Most all my gear was bought demo or used.


Thanks for the kind comment, @mjcmt. Yes, the Jolida has a sweet sound. It was my first real foray into tubes, and I don't think I'll ever go back to SS!


This is a really great system w/ very fine semi-vintage gear. I had the jolida 302b about 20 years ago and it had a great sound w/ the human voice.


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