This is a fourth bedroom I have commandeered for my listening space. I have two young kids so this has been a good compromise to having everything in a shared living space. It has needed to be heavily treated. But at this point the room sounds amazing with my largish monitor speakers. Someday may build a larger dedicated room. But this is great for now. Never could have imagined what a huge difference thorough room treatments really make. Best investment I have made in audio bar none. I consider heavy treatment pretty indispensable to quality sound.

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Rosso Fiorentino Electroacoustics Fiesole
    stand mount monitor.
    • Lampizator Atlantic TRP
    Fantastic DAC. Great for tube rolling.
    • Bel Canto Design SET-40i
    845 based single ended integrated
    • Custom Server Various components
    Fanless PC built into HDPlex case. Going fanless is a must. External linear power supply is a must. I am barely scratching the surface of what is possible here. JCAT Net Card Femto and USB Femto.
    • Keces P8
    Power supply for server
    • Triode Wire Labs Spirit II RCA Interconnects
    Very open organic sounding cables
    • Triode Wire Labs Spirit 75 SPDIF
    • GR Research Power Cables
    Have these throughout the system. One of the best values in the system.
    • Wireworld Spaceport
    Never would have believed this would do ANY good. Tried it on the advice of my dealer. Cleaned up the signal significantly.
    • Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun
    Sadly the maker of these died recently.
    • Simaudio Moon 260D
    CD Transport

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Very well thought out.


Thanks for the complements guys. It is certainly a labor of love.


What a fantastic and elegant system.


Cool system and some unique components that Bel Canto amp is a blast from the past for sure and so cool looking. And I've heard of your speakers but never heard them or seen them in the wild. Nice little bedroom you put together!


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