I Will update photos and descriptions soon!!

These are the set-ups that I have been blessed with over the past 2 years.  Its been a mixture of hard work, dedication, obsession, research, trial and errors, hundreds of miles driven, support from friends and family, and a huge amount of blessings and opportunities.  

Once I can further update my description, I will share with you my findings and opinions as well as my encounters and experiences with those that helped me to get where I am now in terms of my stereo.

To me, my stereo can transport me anywhere, anytime.  It’s my therapy, my escape, my passion and a source of endless enjoyment whereI can be swept away in the melody, rhythmic beats and vocals.  I love the connections a listener can establish with the an artist through sound.

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    You've experienced quite a bit of speakers. Favorite so far?

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    Wow you've been busy! I hope you find your own mix of personal winners. finding something really special in hifi is... well, really special!

    Hope that Anthem 225 sticks around, I've always been impressed by those. Always on the hunt for local 2nd hand units to show up.


    Wow @b_limo that's quite a few systems in 2 years! All in the same room? And what's your current?


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